pre paid taxi booths, and reserved rail tickets - how to recognise?

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i enjoy country living and relaxed pace in life.
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freezing cold canada
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reading bout scams on thorn tree and one person mentioned a phony pre paid gov't taxi stand...that there was 2 and he paid triple the price and that this was not the 'real' stand...............
i am do i know?
also another mentioned to make sure ticket for train u buy is reserved before accepting do you know
although a little worried after reading this long article, i do re-alize scams occur all over the world and a person is only scammed because they let themselves be
i am a little more to the wise now and common sense shall previal
i still can't wait to land in india and met the people
u cannot judge a group of people by the actions of a few!
enjoyed 6 weeks in southern india and saving up to go back..
i never hated.....yet loved<more>a country soo much
words cannot truely describe the satisfaction it gives u
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i copied this first bit from another site.
Local Taxis
As you exit the baggage-claim hall and turn right, you will see several booths on your right. Go to the booth next to the final exit door. Here you can state your destination (the railway station or hotel of your choice) and pay in advance for your taxi. You will be charged according to the destination and the number of pieces of luggage you have. Having paid, you will be given a paper showing the license plate number of your taxi which you will use to locate your taxi outside. As you leave the building, it is important to stay centered and focused. Unofficial taxi "touts" may try to trick you into taking another car. If you have trouble, look to your left where you will see a small booth and a uniformed taxi coordinator who will guide you to the correct vehicle. If you need the services of a porter the rate is approximately Rs5-10 per bag. You do not need to give anything more to the taxi driver whatever he says! unless you wish to reward particularly good service.

3 other things to remember,

relax, there is no rush, take your time and get used to your new surroundings, you will probibly have to change some money up first (check you have been given the right amount before you leave the counter).

ask other people in the 'pre-paid taxi' queue where there going to, chances are they are going very close to where your going to, so share a taxi, (tell the man at the counter how many people for the taxi, the price you are quoted is the total price, not how much each of you pay)

you will probibly get a man who will take you to your taxi, (check the numberplate is the same as on your ticket) have Rs10 or 20 ready to give him, he will want more, but be firm, he would be lucky to get Rs5 of an indian.

one thing i always remind myself of in india, is that i would rather someone tried to con Rs20 out of me, than stick a knife to my throat, as would happen in london.
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Train tickets

While buying train ticket, the coach number and your berth number is mentioned on the ticket, sort of
S-4 54

This means a confirmed ticket

In case of RAC status, you will be allowed to board a reserved compartment but the berth will be allowted at the last minute at the platform. Your ticket may read
RAC/ 22

RAC tickets are as good as confirmed

There is a waitlist status also. At times its dicey to purchase a waitisted tickets but normally waitlist tickets till 50 get confirmed depending upon the season and the sector you are travelling. I personally stay away from waitlisted tickets. Your ticket may read

Names are not mentioned on the rail tickets. In case you have a RAC or a WL ticket check the status on charts dispalyed on the railway platforms before departure of the train. If still in doubt check with the train conductor. They have a copy of these charts.

Most of the rail scams occur when tickets are purchased through agents. Try and buy tickets from railway counters in person, though easier said than done! There are special counters for foreign tourists at major railway stations.
Three goodies for Indian roads-
Good horn, Good brake, Good luck!

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