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I had a driver once in Delhi who obviously didn't know I understand hindi and who told the cop to just ask me for the money because I'm a wealthy foreigner. I told him he'd get a slap for his efforts if he persisted and that fixed things.

Excellent work dillichaat. [rolllaugh:clap_1:

vandy :D
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You reckon it's safe to demand a challan? I got pretty grossly robbed in the Ukraine, taken to a nearby forest by REAL police.

I didn't know the word and I don't think I would've used it anyway.

First time in India in March, I'm not worried at all but I'm trying to find out what to expect.
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As a tourist, you are unlikely to even encounter the police at all, unless you need to seek them out --- which we hope you do not.
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heh a lot of cops are not cops at all but people who have bought cop uniforms on the sly or are off duty also. insisting on going to the police station is agood one as they would have to declare it write a report and probably take less.

Yup , the best thing to do . works like a charm .
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[shock] "Chod! Jaane Do!" well, at least it's reassuring to hear that hyderabad's finest speak hindi and master at least one form of the imperative mood, i guess.... [cry]

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wow, Namaste....youre a smooth customer......love the idea of asking to go to the station to pay the fine....thats awesome....total respect.
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In Rajastan my driver, who had limited English, was stopped by the cops. They said WE have to pay 1,000 rs or else we cannot continue as the car was unsafe. My driver argued with them but I kept silent. Eventually they asked me where i was from and in my best broken English I said, Uzbekistan, they gave up and just waved us on.
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I spent 6 months lazing around in Goa and only once was "fined" by a policeman. I was riding a scooter without my licence on me and the scooter didnt have the yellow licence plate on the back which the tourists are meant to have. I got fined 500 rupees which seemed pretty reasonable really. I think I was pretty lucky really as I was only stopped by the police 3 times and the other couple of times they where perfectly friendly and waved me on after a hello and a few questions.

Fines/Baksheesh are pretty much an accepted part of life in India. A couple of times when I was in a taxi the driver was pulled over and fined a hundred or two hundred rupees. One time the driver got fined because he looked "too young to drive" even though his drivers licence said he was 20! I thought he would be furious about it but he just shrugged it off and said sometimes the police do that.

If you find yourself in a situation where the police are attempting to fine you for something minor then my personal advice would be to speak to them respectfully and only try to haggle the fine lower if you desperately need the money or the situation appears friendly. Haggling or refusing to pay could easily make the police angry and you could soon find yourself down at the station facing a much larger fine to avoid being thrown into jail. I know in many ways that if you pay the "fines" it encourages them to do it even more but in India its pretty much a way of life.

I heard a few stories whilst out there from other travellers and/or bar owners of police fining people £250 for Charas possesion but I think that was a couple of greedy off duty cops. Ironically this was angering the local bar owners as they all pay the police weekly Baksheeh to stop them pestering tourists at their bars!

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