Parcel sent from New Zealand stuck in customs for a month!
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Parcel sent from New Zealand stuck in customs for a month!


I have sent a small jewellery item to a friend of mine in India as a birthday gift but it has been stuck in customs for a month! She has tried to contact numerous numbers of the Mumbai Foreign Post Office but seems like people do things at their own leisure and no one wants to answer phone calls. When they pick up the phone they say that the parcel will be released but it has not happened yet. I am wondering what to do since it was only worth $70 there should not be any customs duty on it.....

Any suggestions?

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My good wishes sincerely. I had this happen moons ago. I went to Mumbai from Pune where I was delegated a champion of all fixers by my agency. Two days of work & some fast getting out of there with the parcel once it was in my hands did it. I wish I had practical advice except writing to them from abroad. It should have been much easier by now since imports are easier and the differential between local prices is vastly diminished. But, human nature hasn't changed. Do you know anyone that could be tapped in Mumbai.?
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If it's an heirloom, hire a tout... er, customs agent. If it's not, forget about it. I ordered electronics on eBay and Deal Extreme and they always got "lost."
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I am guessing that this could the problem. It looks as though sending jewelry from New Zealand is prohibited. Although it does seem that you can send it "if additional compensation cover is bought". If you already paid the extra, then I don't have any answers.

Disclaimer: This is just something I found on the internet. I am not a New Zealand postal worker, nor do I play one on T.V.
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Ak -- I would aways avoid sending anything valuable by post to India. Parcels of books have always reached me, but anything else is iffy.

Customs is hellish. I would not like to deal with it again. The clerks there will threaten you that the fines will amount to more than the value of the item, until you helpfully offer to pay them a bribe worth less than the item. Ugh, I hope never to deal with them again.

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