Need help ! - gift via USPS first class international to India from US

#1 Dec 6th, 2016, 20:56
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I will be getting a new phone (actually its a Lenovo ZUK Z1 review unit) from a Tech YouTuber as a reward for doing a channel revamp for him.

He said that he had shipped the phone via USPS First Class International which I know is the cheapest option for international delivery and also marked the package as "gift".

Now since its sent via First Class International,there is no tracking number provided but he gave a customs number: LC954278905US

Its been a week now since the phone was shipped from the US and I have no idea about its whereabouts.

Now my question is that:
1)How will I know if it has reached India? When I try to track the shipment with the given customs number, it says that: "USPS Tracking® is unavailable for this product for INDIA"

2) I know that a package marked as gift won't get stuck with the customs if its market value is lesser than or equal to Rs 10,000. But since the Zuk Z1 is a little above the 10k mark (13.5 k Market Price in India),will it get in the hands of customs and will I be charged for that ?

3)How will I know if the package is with the customs as i have only given my name and address and no contact number

Please help me with this ! I need help !🙏
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Can not the sender track the status and let you know where the package has reached?
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You could try entering the code on the India Post site but... If it isn't trackable, then it isn't, and you'll just never know, until the day it turns up at your door, with or without customs demand. Or doesn't.

Give it two weeks before getting pessimistic.

But really... The lesson is, something expensive must be sent by a trackable service door to door.
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I was told tracking only extended to India. If it wasn't registered count it..
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It can take a LONG time via USPS to India and past customs (a month is certainly not unheard of) but marking it as 'gift' won't fly, customs are sure to notice but in this particular case that may actually help. As said by others, for security reasons it's vastly preferable to send it registered door 2 door. I've had good surprises with unregistered snail mail packages while I lived in Delhi though, the thing is, there's no way to tell.

As to 3): if it made it past customs and was registered for payment of duties there, the postman will bring it together with a 'bill' for customs duties and handling, to be paid prior to him handing over the object. Reduces the chance of the item getting 'lost'.
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Gosh dillichaat! Loooooong time no see - how wonderful to see you on IM again! Happy new year!!!
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Thanks, same to you and to all other old-timers here! I'm back in the EU for now. After 6 years in India my wife and I moved back to Europe in 2014, it was time for a break (staying longer would have meant committing for another 4 years minimum and I -not to mention my wife- needed a change in scenery. Gotta admit though, the urge to smell the Delhi dust toasting in the April heat and a snack at some roadside dhaba while touring on my bullet on a day off are returning. That and the excellent service in the Mumbai Oberoi + some quiet meditation at babul nath mandir).
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Hope your package came through. Like I mention on another thread on this site. about my experiences in India receiving packages from overseas via usps.

There is no way to track USPS once it leaves it U.S That tracking number will work on U.S.P.S website only and not for indian postal servies

If there are customs duty that's are applicable yes you will be charged . The postman will bring the customs invoice with the package and you will have to pay him the customs duty to be able to get you package.

Normally the postman will bring the customs invoice with the package , and will only handover the package once you pay him the amount mentioned on the customs invoice to him.

P.S Just a heads up the customs charges are calculated on the value of the goods and the cost of shipping . I think I paid close to Rs 3400 for a package that totaled with shipping about U.S. $170 and it took about 8-10 days from the time of shipping to the postman showing up at my door .

Best of Luck

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