Mysore Palace
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Mysore Palace

I’m not sure if this qualifies as a scam, an attempted scam or just misinterpretation on my part but here’s what happened.
We had toured the Mysore Palace and were just about to leave the place when one of the uniformed guards yelled out at us to stop and ran up to us. We were apart from the general crowd and he confronted us in a pretty aggressive manner and demanded to see our entry tickets. It was a nasty little scene – the tickets had been pretty flimsy to start with and I was fairly sure that I’d thrown them away so I began to explain to the guard that we had paid before we entered and our tickets had been checked by an official as we walked through the gate. He yelled at me and told me that this was a very serious matter, insisted on seeing the tickets immediately and gave the impression that he wanted this sorted very quickly. I was a bit flustered by now and had visions of spending an evening in a Mysore cell when I found the tickets and flourished them at the guard. He was none too pleased that I’d produced them and without a word turned on his heel and left.
The whole scene had the feel of some sort of set-up and the guard was on edge through the entire exchange.
It was only later that it occurred to me that this might have been a failed attempt to extract some baksheesh from some naïve tourists; a husband and wife and a ten year old girl might look like easy pickings. Whatever, I guess it’s a good idea to ensure that you hang onto your tickets at monuments and palaces.

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Seems like an attempt to extract some money, yes.

Very unlikely that anybody will spend a night in jail for something like this in India. Would advise anybody to explain the lost ticket to higher officials and not a guard or security guy.

Who may continue to be aggressively obstructive, btw, since it is not in his interest to have you talk to others. But he is just a guard, and has no authority whatsoever to detain you in any way.
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But it's good to keep your bus/train/monuments ticket till it's over...
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Iirc correctly when entering the museum in Mysore there's a sign that says 'retain tickets throughout visit' or something to that effect......
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This is most likely a scam of the type described. The popular tourist spots are filled with jerks looking for easy scores, some are actual "guards", others just assorted touts and layabouts. I've seen them badger foreigners for admission, camera & video tickets all over the country. But they never seem to notice the Indians sneaking in the back way.
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Collecting Your Tickets for Resale

May be gaurd was trying to obtain tickets from you so that he can resell (via booking window, they might all be in the scam). I encounteredresale scam at Tajmahal, my guide got my tickets back from me.
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Just thought of sharing few info from my experience on this episode.

Mysore Palace is manned by Multiple Covers of Security and being a Mysorean, I did visited this palace many a times and at one of the occassions, I observed a Weird thing.

Just before the Gallery [ Last part of Palace tour], King's throne was kept [For Dasara Celebrations] and 5 to 6 local tourists [ Males] just tried to enter the Blockage [a Rope] and try to venture near the Throne [They touching or doing anything to the throne is a remote possibility as Karnataka police were very much vigil around that area and the throne is almost inaccessible how much ever you try to go near it] .Just as soon as they tried to enter the rope, a Whistle and all 6 people are asked to "Kneel down" by karnataka police and they were enquired and they were there for more than 1/2 an hour in the same position and I observed that and I saw even people were more curiously looking at those 5 to 6 people Kneeling down just adjacent to the Throne than looking at the throne itself [Which is a Star attraction which will be brought out and kept for public viewing for only Dasara Days]. What I am trying to convey is, Guards, Police and whoever Manning the Security of palace in plain clothes will shout / be bit rude If we do something within the premises which we are not supposed to do and mostly I thought it's for security purpose rather than for getting any bribes !

And similarly there are several places around the palace within the palace campus where people normally will not go / Supposed to go and just once we are out of the palace , People tend to move to a place [From where the Gallery will be visible and the view will be at it's best]. Once you start walking towards that area, always Guard will whistle,and if you are a localite , He will Scold also in kannada. I have seen this many a times and once I too got scolding in kannada [ That's My second visit to palace and I do not know all this at that time].

So , From My View point, I don't think this is a scam but the normal procedure in palace for the Security of palace and No where the Torn Tickets be re-used or Re-sold.

Again This is Just my view point !


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