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| Nexus
Most hilarious experience whas when I was listening to music from a walkman and passing in front of a Kashmiri store.
They were frantically jumping around me, screaming, waving, and I couldn't hear a thing, smiling and waving back to them in the rythm of the music, while I could see the anger and frustration on their faces.
** Humor is Freedom **
| Lars Pohlmann
My first day in Delhi. I was sitting at Connaught Place, still a bit confused by all the Impressions. Kashmiri approaches me, we started talking. Ok, I'll make it short: I wanted a busride to Dharamsala. He was very quick in finding that out. He was kind of a "travel agent", assured me that there is no direct connection (which was a lie), but I could take the bus to Kashmir and get off in Pathankot. He organized it all. Of course I paid more than I should have (not very much though).

But the real story, and why it wasn't all that bad, is: He invited me to his home that evening, which was a loong ride to the suburbs, we had a meal together (very basic, only some slices of toast, his wife prepared) while a Bollywood movie was on TV. All this was highly interesting to me, because I was able to have a look into a real Delhi home. And after I found out, that there was indeed a direct connection, I was only angry for a few seconds, really.

Moral: Sometimes it's how you look at it...
| C'mon the Hoops
In Agra I did not want to go to a marble store but my own private driver who had taken from Delhi to Agra insisted. I told him if he takes me to a store, I hire another driver and not pay him. He did as I asked then the next day he tried again. I gave him the same warning and he obeyed. What this told me that it must work or else they would not keep trying.

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