more or less touts?
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more or less touts?

hi ya'll
:) i was wondering if there are more or less/better or worse touts on the plains in summer. i ask this cause im travelling north in may and june, mostly in the hills, but some in ragasthan and gujarat. will i get less hassle than usaul or will they be more desperate cause of less tourists to scam/help. all info is appreciated.
im soooo excited!

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In my experience Gujarat and the hills are pretty well tout free areas at any time of the year.

Don't know about Rajasthan as I've only been there in winter.
What a long strange trip it's been! :confused:
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Overall, the touts are less in summers - it's too hot even for touting - but the touts per tourist are probably more because we see very few tourists in the months of May and June.

But touts can be handled as you can find in one of the threads on this forum
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You are giving the touts undue importance by worrying about them even before you begin your trip.

You may deal with them in the manner you think best when you run into them.

For the moment just forget them and plan your trip thoroughly.
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