Metered Radio Taxis - Lousy Service
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Metered Radio Taxis - Lousy Service

Just a week ago, I tried booking Meru and Mega cabs from MG Road to Railway station, in Bangalore.

I had the worst experience with both of them. First, I was not able to get thru to the Megacabs call center by phone as the main menu kept on repeating itself and would not let me speak to a human agent, I gave up after 1 hour's trying and tried Meru. Was able to get thru to a despatcher after several attempts.

He heared me out and then simply informed me that I could NOT get a cab even though I was calling a good 10-11 hours before my anticipated time of journey!

That was amazing, he was able to tell me that ALL his cabs would be busy after 11 hours and he couldnt take down my request.

I gave up and tried hiring an autorickshaw the next day, just 1 hour prior to my scheduled train departure. Amazingly, I was able to hire an autorickshaw within 5 mins. at a resonably price, just out side my hotel. The guy even helped me with luggage and waited for my family for a good 10 mins.!

Goes to prove that the high-priced taxis offer absolutely poor service!

I guess, the metered taxis cherry-pick fares that are more profitable. That's not a good thing for the passengers and is obviously a sharp and possibly illegal practice. Is there a place where we can complain? Or do we sit helplessly, waiting for a better service to compete these oligarchies out?

I am beginning to think that the much-maligned Bangalore auto rickshaws have better professional sense of service!!!!

Anybody has had this kind of experience? Was there something that I could have done differently to get good service? (Called still earlier, tried any other cab service, booked online etc.)


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Bad thread title: this is not a scam of any sort, just lousy service. Title edited.

Worse, though, is when one has booked a cab and, an hour or two prior before it is due to arrive, one calls the cab company to be told they do not have one available. This has happened to us with Fasttrack in Chennai, when heading for the airport :mad:. Luckily, other companies were able to oblige. There is really not much one can do with these companies that built themselves on service, and then forgot all about the individual customer once they had collected enough corporate contracts.

In these last-minute panics, I have wondered what to do. Getting an auto in the street would be impossible near my house in the middle of the night. Drive us to the airport in our own car, only to return home to an unimaginably vast car-park fee? Luckily it has never yet come to that.
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Fasttrack in Chennai has caused me trouble as well. I had booked a ride with one of their taxis from the hotel to the airport, after refusing the offer of a hotel-arranged expensive taxi. Couple of hours before the flight time, no fasttrack taxi was to be seen. I called and complained a few times, only to be told that the taxi was on its way, and was just "two minutes" away!! (randu minute, saar!). After another half hour, I went to the hotel taxi desk. If I had a hat, I would have had it in my hand. The desk agent smiled, I think she knew all along what would happen, I paid the high fare, but got to the airport in time. Never trust Fasttrack in situations when time is of essence, it is OK if it is just a casual journey.
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Meru in Delhi was excellent, only way to go..
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It's well known that the radio taxi services don't want to do short distances. It's well known that they do not have enough taxis for periods of high demand. Yehi hai India, after all; standards of service and efficiency are different from those in Singapore.

However, being told 12 hours ahead of time that the service cannot be provided is an interesting definition of scam; if only all scams in India were like that.

Moreover, there are lots of transport options in major cities; the OP was not left helpless. So what's the problem?
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Re: Metered Radio Taxis - SCAM

I think that OP strives to highlight that even half a day prior you can't get a taxi booked. That apart the fact that most cabs are not available on less popular routes also has to be mentioned.

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