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Aishah May 10th, 2007 13:53

Jaisalmer - Beware Electricity Problems
I'm not sure where exactly I should post this - but today something terrible happened here. Last night there was a big electrical storm, hail, much needed rain, strong winds.
In the course of this storm a huge sign with metal scaffolding collapsed and dislodged an electrical wire.
This morning my husband went for his early morning walk and when he was in Hanuman Circle, a young strong man with wife and 2 small children, was buying some items for his sister in the hospital. He was standing at the line of small shops and as he was buying rested his hand on the metal pole holding up the awning. He was electrocuted. My husband saw this, and with a policemen they used a wooden pole to get him away. They took him fast to hospital in an autorickshaw but unfortunately, they were unable to fully revive him and he died at the hospital.
Most of these small shops do not use earthing wire - and it wouldn't surprise me if this happens in many places in India.
A warning to travellers - don't touch any metal poles or objects.
You never know if there is a current flowing through them.
It highlights the complete lack of regulation with electricity connections in India.
We are all in shock at this terrible tragedy - the council has cut all power to that area and are rectifying the situation but unfortunately too late.[whoa]

Nick-H May 10th, 2007 14:15

Yes, it does happen regularly.

One of the dangers of monsoon is that cables can be blown down into water, rendering areas of flooded road live and lethal. A nember of people in Chennai die each year from these dangers.

Aishah May 10th, 2007 16:53

Hence, the power cuts when it rains...

brahim Nov 21st, 2007 17:30

A couple of years ago I put out all the lights in Cochin when I hit overhead cables with my truck. At 3 metres 50 cms., I had previously expected all high tension cables to be well above the top of our vehicle, but not so. Telephone and low tension cables are often quite low, but you'd think 130,000 volt stuff to be out of the way wouldn't you?!


Incidentally, for those of you worried about such occurences, and who are not well versed in physics, there is a phenomenon called 'the Faraday cage effect' that prevents the occupants of a vehicle from being electrocuted!

puchoo Nov 28th, 2007 12:48

This problem is further exaggerated by people stealing electricity from the primary wires. They make "make do" connections, often with wires no designed to hold too much current. The lines are obviously not properly done and they tend to just droop across streets and lanes.

Most small shops steal electricity...

Aishah Dec 9th, 2007 22:10

Just reading your posts brahim and puchoo - very scary stuff brahim. I often see wires flapping around in the breeze, or hanging down and lying across the road. There is such a lacksadaisical attitude to electricity here...

newislander Nov 6th, 2009 10:52

Wow this is scary stuff. I would never have thought of this. Lucky i haven't travelled in the monsoon. Good that OP thought to warn people.

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