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My wife and I recently had our 3rd trip to India, In Jaipur we looked at a shop for some clothing to take back to OZ, the shop is called the GOVIND TEXTORIUM, its at 482, Near Simla Hotel Chandi Ki Taksal, Jaipur, I want any person who may go there to beware of persons working in the shop, We looked at numerous items and the conversation went on as it always does to other items at their factory, we will collect you tomorrow in a Taxi and take you both there, Next day the 4 wheel drive arrives with the driver and the worker from the shop ( he said he was the owner) then we went to the shop, I thought we were going to the factory says I, Its not open yet Sir, (bullshite) thinks I, back into the shop and the clothing appeared to double in cost from the previous day, after I told them we were about to leave the factory was now open, so off we proceed with this idiot driver thinking he waas Micheal Schumacker, after about 10 klm out of Jaipur on the road to Ajmer I was becoming worried and wrote my wife a note not to eat or take any food from them, they were talking constantly about crap, telling us the house which was owned by them (factory) was new and still being renovated. When we arrive there about 20 Klm out of Jaipur the place was being renovated but this guy said he didnt have his key to get into his own home, the place was in darkness so he gets on his mobille and tells us he his getting his brother to come with the key, after about 15 minutes I saw a lady from next door at the gate so I spoke to her introducing myself, I asked her if she had ever seen this man before, of course she hadn't and I told her that he told me he owned the house, No sir, I know the owner I recenly moved from renting that home to this house. I asked her if my wife could enter her yard and she said, " no tell her to come into my home I dont like this." My wife went into the home and all of a sudden the key arrived with another 3 men in diferent cars. I went into the house and they couldnt even find the power board, of course there was no clothing and no factory, They then told me they were bringing the clothing in from another place and to wait, I said I'll get my wife she is speaking to the lady next door. I went next door and told my wife not to move from there and told the lady what had occured, next thing one of the men opened her door and entered the room and spoke to her in HIndi, I jumped up and told him to leave and I think he undertood by the actions he had better move, the lady told me he had said in Hindi, "Dont tell them anything" I went out then a told them I was on my mobile to bring the Police the lady also sent out a maid who shouted at them in Hindi and they quickly vanished.
Just to warn people do not go off to anywhere unless you know the people well and make sure you dont get trapped in a building with persons unless you are sure they are trustworthy.

The lady that helped us introduced us to her entire family and her brothers left work from Jaipur and drove us back to the Hotel, I offered them money for their trouble and they refused saying, :No sir you are now our brother" This is India one minute a right load of shit then next minute you meet the most fantastic persons on earth.
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Thanks for sharing this with us and good to know that both of you got out of it with assistance. But it serves as a reminder to us all of the scams/dangers that we all can unwittingly become involved in - and not just first-timers.
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Hi Davey,

sorry to hear of you and your wife's unpleasant experience!

Seems as though there was a potential robbery afoot?

Good job these characters weren't better organised anyway, and things worked out ok!

Safe and interesting travelling,

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Sounds like a potentially nasty situation was avoided by your quick thinking and some lucky circumstances i.e. the woman next door.

Do you think it could be explained in any innocent way? I guess not, otherwise you wouldn't have posted this warning. So you possibly think you were being set up for robbery, extortion or worse?

I realise that you may not have wanted to get involved with the police while on holiday in India, but I think you should put this information in the hands of the authorities in case these goondas try it again. We have some members in Jaipur who may be able to make constructive suggestions.
What a long strange trip it's been!
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It is not just with foreigners even Indian tourists have faced similar situation. OP had been lucky but not all are.
In Delhi similar things happen in some other ways. I feel bad refusing to give lift to women most of them I know really needed it but there had been instances of the woman demanding money soon after getting in to the car threatening the driver that she would holler rape & abduction.
Except taking utmost precaution nothing more can be done.

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