Is this a gem scam?
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So i'm staying at a guest house and the owners have a jewelery store and import/export business.

Now too avoid duty tax they want to send $10,000 worth of stones in my name back too my home country.

Now if I say yes and they send the stones in my name . . . . what have I got too lose?

As long as they don't ask for my credit card number or the like ( I would never give them my cc number) is it a risky situation?

Thanks for your time


Almost always targeting first-time muggins in their early twenties. Is that you, Carlos? The owner is rich because 1) he is probably trafficking in drugs (thus the gem shop front); 2) he has taken tourists to the cleaners for the last 20 years; etc - you get the idea.
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Brisso, are you back in Oz?.
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Yeah i'm 23 so I guess i'm his "target market".

Well last night I told him no I don't want too risk it and he started causing a bit of a shit but I just said a firm NO.

This guy is the owner of my guest house so I have too see him everyday. But you see after he tries too pull this I have totally lost any respect for this guy . . . he's just one big weasel.:dontgetit
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Slap slap, tinkle crash....Oh what's that?. They're not mine.!!!!![cry] [cry] [cry]

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he's just one big weasel

That's true - but carry on as normal. If you've said NO!! - and he sees you mean it - your relationship can (superficially) continue on as before the scam attempt. After all it's just commerce!!
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ya see it on the news occasionally. it's horrible, knowing it's often just an innocent person in the wrong place.

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