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how could i get my salary

my name is payal nag and I am live in kanpur.the same thing happen to me also....its only one month and ten days salary. but its a big money in my country, i still asking them for my april 2014 salary..the school name is billabong high international school, kanpur, is this a trend in India or what can i do for get my salary:?
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Keep nagging the management, I guess, and the board of directors. But I don't think any of the other complainants in this thread got their salaries, so it's unlikely you'll get yours. Best you can do is try to get revenge by making complaints with government agencies in India and in your home country. Hopefully you'll get them in trouble.
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... i still asking them for my april 2014 salary...
Are you asking for advance salary? :confused:
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The OP didn't come back to tell which action(s) did he take.:dontgetit

It might have helped others.

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