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India tips

I have been in india for two weeks. One thing really annoyed me is the tips. No matter how much you pay, they never looks happy. When I first arrived here, I pay 300 Rs tips for three hours guide( the guide fee has been pay by the agency). He looks very unhappy. Actually I was quite happy with his service and feel I may pay too less. Then next day I pay 1000 RS tips for my driver (three days work), he still looks unhappy. After this, I decide that I will only pay 30RS. Then my next guide ( 1 hour work) was very rude for me. Does anybody know how much should I pay them?

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Dont tip them at all!! the price you are paying will more than include there services (they will not under sell themselves). If you dont feel happy giving them nothing then buy them a chai, or samosa or something! you may even make more of a friend that way. Its weird but i dont think they view money in the same way us western folk do!
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The unhappy look is just trying it on for more please.

Both the tips you mention are pretty big, really. Three hours with a guide? I might give Rs50. If he is brilliant I might make it Rs100. Driver? Hmmm... drivers really can make or break a trip for tourists, especially if you are travelling alone, but that 1,000 was two to three times too much. Maybe even four.
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Yes, you are giving too much, I think too. As for that look - you will find it is very rare to get a 'thank you' or happy look from anyone when you give a 'gift' here. Just ignore it.
For a 3 days driver, I would give around 200 rupees. If a guide for one hour is rude, give nothing. A 3 hours guide, 50 - 100 rs. is enough.
I wouldn't adopt a 'no tips' policy however - that is just plain mean in my book. Most of these guides and drivers do not earn a lot of money, and tips help with their living expenses.
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I also realized that I gave too much. When I arrived there, the people from travel agency keep told me that 200 Rs tips is for 3 hours guide. Then I gave it follow this rule. Good lesson to learn.
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Our driver drove us from Delhi to Agra, where we stayed overnight one night. Then he drove us to Jaipur where we shall stay for four nights. He will be available to drive us around Jaipur for the next three days then will take us to Jaipur airport. We have paid for this service as part of the package we booked. What is an appropriate tip for the driver?
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Maybe close to Rs 500/- if he is an exceptional driver and does not take you to the places that he wants you to go to.
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That evil look is an old ploy that is hard to stop once started -even if you gave him a 1 lakh tip, you would still get the stinkeye. Pay him a minimal gratuity, say thank you & on your way!
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I think 500 rupees is about right for the length of your tour. If you think he is very good, you might give him a little more.
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