India Entry tickets - Unfair practices

#16 Feb 1st, 2006, 22:26
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#16 Steven so elequently pointed out
Life gets aadhar every day.
#17 Feb 2nd, 2006, 11:07
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Originally posted by sezegnin
In case you haven't noticed, the monument's aren't maintained, even with our increased fares.
My experience on return trips to The Taj Mahal (Agra), Kangra Fort (Gagal), Red Fort (Delhi) over a 2 year period have shown considerable improvement in toilet facilities, gardens and restoration work.

Not saying that every site is as vigilant in upkeep though this is certainly a good start.
#18 Feb 2nd, 2006, 19:01
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I agree with Steven that it's disturbing to see the apparent neglect & seeming lack of valuing of many unique historic sites. However after my recent trip I was heartened, as kazintrepid says, by seeing lots of activity in restoration, & facilities at many places eg Hampi (great signage & lots of excavation & restoration work happening), the Taj, & the Shore Temple post-tsunami at Mamallapuram just to mention 3 places. The Archaeological Society of India seems to be spending some money!

The saddest thing to see in these places was the amount of garbage right up against some very significant & sometimes religious sites. The friend I was travelling with, who's maybe not as forgiving as me said "It's like these places aren't respected, despite how important they are.

In the past I've despaired at how much the climate & neglect has caused deterioration of painted walls - at Ajanta, the Dutch palace at Mattancherry etc. It was amazing to see how much remained of the beautiful & colourful painted walls at the Bundi Palace (the guide who showed me around asked "Why do so few people come here when it's more beautiful than many more popular palaces?") & it was such a delight to see something of what a place must have looked like in its prime.

OOps...sorry for raving a bit off-topic, but it's so sad to see these wonders so neglected & not preserved for the future!
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well put sirensongs, whatever little is done is much a facade than anything even semi-permanent. If they would just implement the existing rules already they would have a better environment as would we. But then who would bell the cat!
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Apologies to our Indian members for the use of the word 'upkeep' when talking about monuments etc., I suspect this word has no translation or meaning in any Indian language.
Come on now. ofcourse there is upkeep. Don't they have to hire that corrupt guard -- who gives you someone else's torn ticket?

Anyways, I fail to see the correlation between the "Guest is God" campaign and corrupt guards. looks like the govt is upset that they are being out smarted in their own game of fleecing the public.

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