how is it possible for a european tourist to travel with an indian guy
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Me personally, I'd say let's just drop it.

Questions in the field get quite regularly asked. Whether referring to unmarried Indians, or to Indian-non Indian couples.

I am again not aware it should be that much of an issue, and again where it is, how's about taking your business to places where you are welcome.

One can petition one's political representatives and the media and stuff of course if one can be bothered. Or of course come up with some creative actions. How do you think stuff got changed in some parts of the world, and still needs direly changing.

Then again as a mere visitor anywhere to stick one's head out in this sense I suppose is not commonly advised :cool:
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There is no law in India that prevents anyone irrespective of their nationality, creed, gender, sexual orientation, age, height, weight ;)to travel together in India or be in a hotel together.

However, there are always 'hungry' policemen searching for 'victims' to extort money with a plea of putting charges under human trafficking, prostitution, narcotics act and blah blah.

Whatever it is, always be confident and be ready to defend yourself. Always give the correct and accurate info while booking hotels, travel tickets etc. in order to avoid unnecessary harassment. Also keep necessary IDs ( passport, driving licence etc.) with you.

Keep travelling !!!
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Is there any law in India that prohibits a man and a woman (unmarried) stay together in a hotel room or be in a live-in relationship?

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