how bad do the get?

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The date of my leaving London for India is getting closer and I'm trying to prepare in all ways possible. During my frequent visits here (to which I owe more than I can possibly say) I've come to wonder about one thing...

There's always a lot o talk about the hassle of getting from the airport in Delhi to your accommodation of choice without getting ripped off, but I've realised I don't really know what these ripoffs involve and how bad they actually get.
Is it a matter of being overcharged for your room due to commission, and if so, how much money would you actually loose on a night or two in a hotel? Or is it a case of being dumped in a bad hotel, dropped off outside town, taken to the drivers family business for shopping, or being robbed?

I do appologise if there are lots of threads about this, but I couldn't find them on the search engine...

Thanks a lot for any comments...
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Arrow It's all relative, yar

Your chances of getting robbed are slim. You chances of getting to town with no hassle are also slim. Different kinds of travelers have greatly differing feelings about how much hassle is tolerable, especially upon arrival. You might well be overcharged from Rs 100 if you are smart, to Rs 1,000 if you really are not. You might be taken to hotel that you did not truly intend though if you have a faxed confirmation in hand for your first night that is not likely to happen (let the driver know up front). If you DO end up at a hotel you did not intend, it might be just as nice as the hotel you had planned on, or embarassingly, nicer. You certainly aren't obligated to stay there an additional night if you aren't happy. There are taxis outside every hotel all day and all night. Assuming you are staying in, say, a 700 rupee room and you get charged 20% more than you should have that amounts to less than $USD 4 so really not something to get an ulcer over. If you arrive late at night you aren't likely to be diverted to shopping.
You will usually experience the least amount of hassle with one of the prepaid taxi booths. Keep your duty slip in your possession until you get where you want to go. The driver can't get paid without it and when it comes to getting paid, as he has probably invested a minimum of four hours in you (getting the taxi, getting to the airport, waiting for a fare, getting you to town and getting paid) HE doesn't want an extra hassle from YOU!
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#3 Aug 10th, 2004, 04:35
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Agree with Namaste India Tours.

It's not worth getting too worried about. Always agree the taxi price upfront and you'll be fine. If the price offered is ridiculous, just say no. Likewise if they give you the old 'that place has burnt down / is full / is no good anymore' line. Just go and talk to another taxi driver.

I find that when I've just got off a plane, I'm really knackered and just want a bed I don't begrudge paying over the odds a bit just to get to a guesthouse, any guesthouse, and get my head down. You can always get yourself somewhere nicer / cheaper the next day.

If this still doesn't appeal, a lot of places (even the cheaper ones) will send a taxi to pick you up if you ring ahead. It saves a lot of hassle. Hotel Namaskar in Paharganj do it and it cost me 400 rupees, if memory serves. Worth it if you're arriving in the middle of the night.

Having said all of that, I got TOTALLY FLEECED the first time I arrived in Mumbai.

You live and learn. Well you'd like to think you do.
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have been thru delhi airport the last twenty years still waiting to be ripp off just laugh it put con men off
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HEJ! Är du svensk eller? Anyways...
I think first time I got to Delhi I just walked off and took a buss for like no money at all and got to the Paraganj area, But I allso have a memmory of beeing taken to some bad hotel, no big deal though course we just walked off and left it behind...

Anyhow not to worry! Its no big deal, make sure you have a moneybelt inside your clothes allways...

JUST ACT LIKE YOU KNOW! If your taking a cab, it might be wise to walk of to a cab further away, take your time, Make sure to radiate that you have your shit together... If someone try to scam someone usally it is course they Can read your a easy target....

Is it your first time in India?

Im sure You will have a great time... I mean my mom and dad went to india and they dont Speak english! Im sure they did get ripped off, but I dont know if they know it...

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Ikuru: visst ar man svensk, och forstagangare i Indien! (translates: yes indeed I am swedish and a newbie in India)

Thanks a lot for your comments, it sounds like there are quite high odds of actually surviving.../ciona
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Its not that bad, u will be approached by touts etc but you can get a pre paid taxi or make eye contact and smile and ask "how much to "pahranganj".
If they say 500 ruppees laugh at them and walk off, or laugh and say "no no my friend no no try again".
Im sure people have gotten rock bottom prices by haggling but its a fair distance so i would pay up to 400 ruppees if i couldnt be bothered to haggle (depends on your mind set). I think i paid....250 last time.
As for hotels have a look when you get there, if u get in dehli in the day time then try a few, ask how much and see the rooms and move on. You can pay what u like basic room which is clean with tv anything from 250 rupees upwards.
The way i look at is in england we get 80 ruppees to a pound. That can buy half a pint. If i get ripped of by 200 ruppes wow its roughly the price of a pint.
For two pints i can get a room for the night in dehli.
Or since they didnt plug themselves have a look at they will pick u up for a fair price and take u to any hotel you like.
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A big part of the problem is that you arrive tired at an ungodly hour like 3AM which is not the best time to start exploring options with the help of stranger cabbies. If you let yourself land in that situation, think of the $5 you "lose" as the tip he richly deserves for getting you to any safe hotel that night. :-)

The best course is to do your homework, choose a hotel that seems reasonable (after all, it is just one night), make your reservation, go to the pre-paid taxi counter and book a taxi for that destination. Unless you are going to a five star hotel, you should have its exact street address and not merely the name. Or, for extra $2 or so, ask the hotel to send its own car. Next day, you can change the hotel if you so wish.

Do not respond to any tout who approaches you, nor approach a cab yourself. Go to the official pre-paid cab counter, they will give you a slip with a cab #, go to that cab. You can be more adventurous later when you have slept a night and are not with a lot of luggage.
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Main Bazaar

If you arrive after midnight is there any prospect of getting in to a cheapie in Main Bazaar (Ajays etc)?


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