Hotels full?

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I'm travelling with my wife and we have been travelling for 2 months all over India.

Has anybody else come across of annoyance that all
guesthouses/lodges and budget hotels are said to be
full eventhough they have many room keys hanging on
wall. Especially when you're in a non-touristy spot.

Receptionist at our current hotel suspected it has something
to do with a hotel having to fill some kind of form or something and inform officials, for us being foreigners, of your stay in their hotel thus refusing in giving room.

Thank you
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Never had that problem. I do know, however, that the police would often prowl my own guesthouses, checking up on the foreigners staying there.
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Hotels and guest houses have to submit a C form to the Police for each foreign guest staying there. If they don't have the forms saying they are full is usually the easiest answer for them.
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I've had many hotels in non-tourist areas of Mumbai telling me they don't accept foreigners, when pushed, they say it's because of the C form, also had similar problems in other parts of India, again, non tourist areas, the C form is the most likely reason, but sometimes the language barrier can be a problem as well.
#5 Mar 9th, 2015, 12:37
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Mahashtra has introduced rules that require hoteliers to submit Form C online along with photos of the guests. This might deter some smaller places if they don't have the hardware/software for this.
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I've always had to submit my passport when checking in in Delhi, so that they can fill a C-Form. Smaller hotels that don't have their own scanner send a boy out with the passport for a couple of minutes. Increasingly, most hotels have their own scanner, so they hand my passport back to me in a minute.

Do you look unusual in some way, perhaps a lot of facial piercing or something?
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It is unlikely anyone would run into this problem in Delhi but it's possible, as the OP said, in non-touristy places. It could be very localised too. I was refused in several hotels in Krishnanagar West Bengal in 2010 (an IMer from Kolkata went there later and asked why and was told that they don't allow single foreign ladies in case they commit suicide ) but didn't have any problem elsewhere in WB.

I didn't know that about Maharashtra Dave, but it does explain a feeling I got in Satara last year that some hotels were reluctant to take me. In one, an employee came out to the street to tell me they were full, before I had even entered the door. In the one where I did stay, the receptionist was careful to double check with the owner by phone before letting me stay. If the police in a town are very particular in enforcing the rules, hotels might think it's just not worth the bother to take foreigners, especially if they know they will be able to fill the rooms with Indians by nightfall anyway.
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I was refused in several hotels in Krishnanagar West Bengal in 2010 (an IMer from Kolkata went there later and asked why and was told that they don't allow single foreign ladies in case they commit suicide )
The rooms are that bad?

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