(Hotel) security tips?

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for laptops use Kensington locks

for passport and other imp stuff...either you can carry it with you all the time...or ask the hotel to keep it in a safe place...or just keep it in the room.

havent heard of thefts in 3* or better hotels!

Originally Posted by elakelly View Post Hi all - being first timers to India and having read India Mike 'cover to cover' wondering if anyone has extra security tips especially for leaving stuff in hotel rooms! We are bringing a netbook which we will not carry around all day any wise suggestions on how to best secure the stuff you leave in hotel rooms. Also how safe is it to ask Reception to hold your bags once checked out and on route later that day say to take a train etc - will the bags be rooted through if we leave them in the hotel for a few hours??
All wise counsel appreciated.
Thanks, ela kelly (india mike's biggest fan!)
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Before getting posted here I traveled around quite a bit in India and in those days I happily settled for the 150-300 Rs hotels. I never had anything stolen from my backpack or the room, never. That being said, I never slept in dormitory-style accommodation and usually I carried my own padlock to lock the door.

About hotel room safes: when I set up my office I had to buy a safe so I went to a couple of reputable addresses for security kit. One of the prerequisites of my employer was that the safe should not have a 'master key' combination, so I asked the owner, who told me that only the small hotel safes had these in case some tourist forgot the code. He showed me with one of the models, closing the door, then punching in a very easily remembered combination...door opened. A while back I was staying in a 150-Euro room which had a safe like that so I first set my own combination, closed the door, punched the master key and sure enough, the bloody thing opened. Lesson learnt about hotel room safes....

Morale of the story: if a hotel looks dodgy, no safe will help you.

Traveling around with a laptop in India will be hard on the machine due to environmental factors, don't do it unless breaking the machine isn't a big headache.
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Cant agree with Dillichat's post 116 more!!
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Originally Posted by nikhilsegel View Post Hmmmm definitions definitions

drawers - underpants worn by men
bottom - Buttocks

Do the MATH!
Now you know where he hides his laptop!
Hal is correct - remain constantly seated on your laptop and you will not lose it. May not run that well though ...

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