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challo= get lost
Really? My Hindi is admittedly poor, but I thought challo means "lets go"

On the rare occasions when I do acknowledge people who are hassling me, a brief and distracted "bas" (enough) coupled with a dismissive wave of the hand works wonders. :)

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Originally posted by: bigfred View Post

challo= get lost

don't be surprised if the guy upon hearing you starts to get in the car with you. :D
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Chalo is the informal imperative "Go," so it can mean either "(You, not very polite to a stranger) go" or "Let's go (not impolite if said to a friend)"

But I have to say I agree that the airports have improved, but that could all fall apart again at any time. THe best thing I find to do with touts of all kinds is ignore them, avoid eye contact, and don't engage in discussions about not wanting their service. If you say "No, I don't want it," they seem to take it as an opening for discussion. You need to be firm about ignoring them and not explaining "No".

It's easier said than done though...
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Get lost

Originally posted by: bigfred View Post

challo= get lost

Actually Challo means "let's go"...not really what you want to say. Chale Jao (charlie jaow) which is go away. You could follow it with challo but I wouldn't use it first up
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Boy, am I glad you guys are here....
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I used to get quite vocal and physical with those guys but it tended to get me so emotionally engaged that it spoiled my arrival.

Now I just make sure I have some 10 and 20 Rs notes, step back and concentrate on ensuring that all the bags are loaded (keeping my laptop and duty free booze tightly in hand). Pass out a few small bills and everybody's happy.
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F*ck off is understood fairly universally. But as curt says, if you let it get to that stage, they've won.

Look straight ahead, walk quickly and don't let go of your stuff.
Or if you want to have some fun start asking them all sorts of complicated or nonsensical questions in English.
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A simple "no" while holding up my hand as in "stop" always worked for me.
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A simple "no" while holding up my hand as in "stop" always worked for me.

that's my plane when i go, i find a simple firm NO is universal worldwide! i think most people in the U.S. know how to say no in a couple different languages so I imagine people in other countries can get the gist of the english NO!
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While they are certain to get the gist of it, "No" won't always have the desired effect. In fact you'll be lucky if a tout leaves you alone after a single "No". Make sure it's firm, loud and direct.

Sometimes ignoring them altogether is more succesful. Once you respond, even if it's in the negative, the engagement has begun,
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Sometimes they help us at Mumbai airport, they always ask for money...but we never give. Mostly because we don't have any small rupees in change anyway, but they never ask for money first.

That's the risk they take, they aren't always gona get paid for "helping" people that didn't ask for their help in the first place.
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It is really disgusting as I too have gone through all this when I went to pick up my guests from the airport. It all looks like an organized racket run with the help of airport workers and the like. I only way to get rid of them is too get aggressive whenever anyone tries to touch the luggage. Create a scene if necessary. That is the all I can say. Do not avoid to lodge complaint with the airport police, it might help the future travelers.

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