Hampi to Gokarna private bus - better avoided
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Hampi to Gokarna private bus - better avoided

hi all,
i'm posting this to let other travelers know what to expect when booking the hampi to gokarna private bus. we traveled with it two weeks ago, so the experiences are still fresh.
there are two lines operating:" paulo",from hospet and "inland" from the other side of the river in hampi. i booked mine with the travel agent across from mowgli hotel (ganesh travels, ,i believe), who claims to be the inland bus operator. we traveled with the" paulo" bus from hospet as the bus from hampi was booked out.
the price was 900 rs., which the booking agent promised, would include a drop off at your chosen destination: either gokarna town, om beach or kudlee beach.
we met the first annoyance when we arrived in hospet and heard from the bus operator there that we had been over charged 100 rs. by ganesh travels in hampi.
many travelers were also surprised to find out the bus will only take them as far as ankola, where traveling will be resumed by a minibus.
the ride to Ankola was incredibly uncomfortable, to put it mildly, we often found ourselves suspended in mid air before a hard landing on the sleeper bed. the seats are better. our driver/conductor also managed to get himself into a fist fight with a truck driver. toilet stops were just by he side of a busy, dangerous road without any toilet, but the real drama started in Ankola, around 2.30am, where we were met by the rudest man i've come across in years, who told us that contrary to what was promised to us, we had to pay 80 rs. extra per head if we wanted to be dropped at either om or kudlee beach. there were families with children and older couples that had to squeeze into the little minibus, while the rude operator counted his money and ordered them to get on the bus. some had to stand for 45 minutes. i'm in my mid forties, and never before, in all my travels have i met such blatant rudeness as this man expressed. It is for that experience alone, that i think this bus is better avoided.

there were 8 of us left for kudlee beach and we were dropped off at a far distance from the beach at around 4 am, in pitch dark. i've visited kudlee before and asked the driver to take to a closer location to the beach, but he refused. he dropped us there and tossed empty water bottles after us and out of his minibus. we were lucky to find our way and arrive safely in the end.
to conclude this story i would advise people to think twice before booking that bus, despite the shorter travel time and opt for the train instead . it's just not worth it.

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Good to know, wont be using the bus, but thanks for posting it as it is the sort of info that makes this site brilliant ! Happy travels mate

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