Ghost India Mike posts?

#1 Mar 13th, 2017, 01:23
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Probably should be posting in a different thread...?

I have recently noticed quite a few "notifications" that new replies have been posted, yet when I go there, there is no new post...

I don't know if the mods are removing spam type posts very quickly, or there is a bug on my computer. I am concerned about getting my computer infected with a virus.

latest example tonight: whatsout there added a new Discussion: What was traveling alone in India like for you? post. 18:10

So I clicked and no sign of a new post? Same "poster" has supposedly a new post on another topic, which also is not there?

Any ghosts in the machine?

#2 Mar 13th, 2017, 04:59
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Originally Posted by OldandRambling View Post Any ghosts in the machine?

Seriously, its spammers caught and banished. Alas Charlene_DD does not exist anymore
#3 Mar 13th, 2017, 08:24
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I think it maybe because the post has been deleted by the poster or by a mod.
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Some posts are automatically marked for moderation. Some posts are marked by moderators for moderation. Some posts are by spammers which are deleted before they are reported by members. So any one of them could be the possibility.
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So the suspense continues. Some post notifications are by regular posters still they get devoured by the devil of the net
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Amen to that..
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Originally Posted by OldandRambling View Post I have recently noticed quite a few "notifications" that new replies have been posted, yet when I go there, there is no new post...
The obvious could be what other have said.

But one more reason (a wild guess) could be that you are online while new reply is posted and the system takes both the information, that of you having read, and that new post is posted, so you get a notification to the post you have read.
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There is one glitch in the system, if your post is 'reported', then a new thread is started in the mods forum, and every time a mod replies to that new thread you will receive a notification, it's not ideal, but it helps you to work out when one of your posts has been reported.

2 thoughts.......

When a spammer replies to a thread and the reply is deleted (by a mod), the notification received might have the original poster wondering if their posts are being reported..... (a reported post would have many more than 1 notification)

I'm sure the mods will want to discuss this post, I'll let them know how many replies they make to that new reported post thread. (or they could discuss this topic having reported a different post, maybe OandR's original post, then he'd get loads of notifications.)

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