Gem/Stone Healer in Jaipur. Scam? Real?

#1 Aug 7th, 2010, 20:39
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hi all,

ive since left india but i REALLY would love ANY information on a gem/stone healer in Jaipur
I am wondering it this guy is a scam or legitimate.
I feel extremely foolish and embarassed for posting this but i just want more information if there is any available

also - if others very familiar with jaipur know of this guy and he is a scam or legit than i can warn or recommend.

name of store: Neel Gems
Anjay Sr....

he meets with people one to one in back of a small narrow gem shop in his office

this may be the same guy as the one Lonely planet reccomends, but that was dr chaum (something like that) and this guys last name begins Sriva....,
there is one pdf article on the web ABOUT the dr. chaum/lonelplanet, written by a. sriv.... (the guy i met)

the rikshaw people who took me and a friend around all day took me to this gem /stone healer

the previous day a couple from my hotel recommended him but said he did NOT charge a fee, no pressure, and it was up to you to donate if you felt like doing so. they did not mention the urgency to buy a stone or anything negative. that it was such an amazing amazing experience

so i went. to be honest he said a lot of things that really effected me and hit home, BUT i had been traveling solo and after 6 weeks in india, i was a little edgy (with the stares, touts and constant harassment and the staring...) so i think i was a bit vulnerable in retrospect
after telling me all of the good and bad, he said that i needed a stone to heal a certain chakra
it was a small stone worth about $5-$15 usd
he said the cost was $150 and it came with a mantra and a cleansing ceremony and it would assist in the rebalance of my chakra

i was astounded by the price but he did say a lot of things that really got to me, (he placed his hands over mine and read my energy)

But, is $150 a ridiculous price?
i read today that ayurveda or true stone healers are NOT supposed to ask for money for the stone..
that this goes against the healing code of conduct

he also said he ran an orphanage in pushkar

the rikshaw people took me to another textile/clothing store where the proprietor said he paid 29K rp for his stone and that everyone knows of this stone healer

Has ANYONE heard of this guy?
IS he legitimate?
or was this a scam.

i cannot believe i gave over that ridiculous amount of money because i am a measly backpacker.... and it was a lot for me.... and now i dont know what to think

thanks for any info and responses

does this guy really heal?
does he run an orphanage in pushkar?
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Towards the right or the bottom of the page you have some similar posts.
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What do you think? The above has "scam" written all over it.

So, if it looks like one & talks like one... Best to walk the other way. (ps, Only on rereading now I see you didn't. That's a pity. Well, something learned for a next time, right.

Do you -- the plural and rhetorical you, as in one/people -- normally pay a perfect stranger whatever they ask and through the nose for their "healing stones" or powers or similar where you live? Why are people prone to doing so in exotic reportedly mystical far-away places?

But, hey, consider it a nice souvenir and who knows if it doesn't do you some good. Beating yourself over the head with it for years to come certainly won't. Better to move on.)
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Depending on the stone, $150 may also be a good bargain for the stone. This is a normal price for some good quality gems, so get that checked.

This anyway is one of the many scams that go on, and you will be surprised how many Indians too get ripped off. So, take heart in the fact that you have not been alone in this and hopefully will not fall to such gimmicks again.

And my view is that even if somebody says that this or any other guy is good, never make a mistake of recommending such people....until you get a decent cut of the bounty.
If you find my posts confrontationist, please bear, I am an old frustrated guy who has nothing better to do than sit on rocking chair and curse the world whole day
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This anyway is one of the many scams that go on, and you will be surprised how many Indians too get ripped off.
In the news a few days ago: people are selling pieces of coral, which they just pick up off the beach at Rameshwaram, as being being sacred relics of Ram's bridge --- and, people are buying.
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Some one had a really neat idea some years ago to sell a jar/flower pot,whatever filled with soil,mud or dirt as we call it around here. The neat part was that it was marketed as "Soil From Your Motherland". Or Fatherland for some I guess. Can't say for sure it was a scam, but there was money made . Of course, we are scammed every day without realizing, every single day. That's the beauty of a proper scam, done right.

Some really creative scams being reported here:
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thank you

hi all, thank you for all the replies.

it was a lesson, i suppose,
i mean i was really hoping the $150 went to the orphanage in pushkar (i know how IDIOTIC and naive i sound)
and was hoping anyone had heard of this person or had info on legitimacy

but you are totally right, no one would ask for 150 for such a scenario in my own country, i should know better.

i think i just have to let it go,
definitely a lesson learned. i suppose there are many that lose a LOT more money than i did.

and i will get my stone checked to see worth and report back if anyone is curious

thanks again, will check on other posts and if anyone has any further info on this person , always appreciated
#8 Sep 26th, 2010, 01:52
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Sounds familiar!

I think we went to this place today! But there was no talk of money or buying anything. He did recommend a mineral for my boyfriend's neck chakra (opal) and let him hold it for a bit but he didn't ask him to buy anything.

It's funny, isn't it? I thought the whole thing was ridiculous (and a bit creepy) so I didn't go in, but my boyfriend did and apparently this guy was right on the money with quite a few things. Oh, how we travellers love a bit of self-discovery!

I'm sure your money went somewhere it was needed :-) (best to think that, at least)
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Don't dismiss out of hand

Hi All
I was curious to read these posts. I am not a hippy (ok, maybe a bit) and don't believe in god, crystals or reality TV programmes. But I too found myself in Neel Gems back in March of this year.

The man is amazing - told me all sorts of things about myself he could never have known. I too bought a ring at the end of the session - and have since wondered if it was a scam?

I can't help thinking though, that sometimes it's easier to be suspicious of unexpected experiences rather than open to them (and isn't the search for new experiences why most of us travel?). Also, I LOVE my ring and feel it was worth every penny.

I get why everyone is being so cynical - if I was reading this not having met the guy, I would be in the same boat. But I did - and it showd me that life is full of moving experiences and inexplicable surprises. Don't be an easy mark, but don't be too ready to cynically dismiss the 'grey areas' either.
Yours with a bling ring, Miss Jennifer
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Originally Posted by MissJennifer View Post I can't help thinking though, that sometimes it's easier to be suspicious of unexpected experiences rather than open to them
At a firm US$ 150 (that's over Rs. 6500, folks) and cunningly providing you with the suggestion that you're "paying as you please" moreover (and assisting some non-descript orphanage while you're at it), let's just say that had better be a damn good gem...

Rebalancing your chakras, huh? I'm sure they'd be juggled around well and good by now.
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Is the stone red? If so probably a garnet perhaps worth ten bucks.
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I hope your stone is worth the money, bailey, but I'm inclined to agree with Mach here.
Every cloud has a silver lining!
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how IDIOTIC and naive i sound)

They say knowledge comes from experience and experience comes from mistakes. so don't buy any condos or timeshares in the desert and in time you will be better for the lesson..

And for #9 I would offer you some of my shares in Maxicare at the pre-bankruptcy price but actually I think a scam like this is just a wonderful form of foreign aid. It takes from the undeserving rich and puts their money into 3rd world economies. Even if it supports drinking and whores it helps out the local population. So go for it and don't forget to pray to the stone..
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I went to see this guy over three years ago now and I have come across your thread because the whole incident still bothers me. I had a very similar experience to the one you describe - taxi driver recommended, no pressure to buy etc. He's not the guy in the guidebooks.

Im normally a sceptic but was actually very shocked and moved by some of the things that he told me. Things about myself and my family that couldnt have simply been guessed. The majority of his predictions have since come true.

I did buy a necklace from him, but I think I only spent the equivalent of £15 GBP. I hope you don't feel cheated because I genuinely believe this guy has something special, whatever that may be.

If anybody reading this is thinking of going to visit the shop in Jaipur I would be wary. Not because its a scam of some sort but because the whole experience was quite unnerving and I still think about it years on. If curiosity gets the better of you and you end up going, just prepare in advance any amount of money you would be willing to spend or if not don't let the experience coerce you into giving anything.

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Interesting thread. I wouldn't say this is a scam in the same way of the Jaipur gem scam. I've heard of similar shops in the West. If it's something you believe in and get something out of, crystal healings and chakras and whatnot, it might be an interesting place to go. Just be wary of shelling out large amounts of money as soon as it's suggested. You can always say no.
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