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"My holiday hostage hell"

I have just watched a program called "My holiday hostage hell"
It was about diamond & credit card raiders in Jaipur.

Found some info on it, not sure if it is available on line.

How can these obviously very wealthy people operate with such impunity, do the authorities not realise it damages tourism?
| Vinod bhojak
Whenever you meet new men or a street boy who are going to show you city or offer free tea or beer you should have their photos in your camera so you can show photos to police or someone because who are cheaters they change their name every day. They never tell their real name.
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Or you could indeed be assisting them in evading export and import regulations. That is again illegal, in both their and your country.

Exactly, you should report it to the local police. They will be for sure shocked and surprised that something like this happens under their nose and will take ruthless measures to stop it.:yahoo:

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