Charged without swipping my CREDIT CARD
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Charged without swipping my CREDIT CARD


I have been using my credit card for the last 5 years and it had never happebed in the past. This time in my bill i was for Rs 1500/- for petrol, from the very petrol station from where i filled my car every time.

On 12.2.08 i asked my brother to get the petrol in our car for RS 500/- and he did that and returned my card to me (it was 7 pm)

When i received my bill i was [shock] shocked to see one more usage from the very same petrol pump (though a very reputed one) for Rs 1500/- and the date was mentioned as 13.2.08 besides Rs 500/- for 12.2.08 which we were liable to pay.

We went to the station and asked them to provide the transation slip (on which we sign after swipping) and he provided us with the same which he photocopied, on that slip there was no signature and just a initals for the date 13.2.08 the time mentioned was 4 am.

Now my Q is who can anybody swipe with our credit card when it was in my possession at that given time.

Though we called credit card company and they have sent us some documnets in which they require us to go for police complaint, but we have to pay Rs1500/- which we never used.

So the point there is not the amount of loss but the future risk which we as card holders are at.
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ummm..... im not a 100% on this but i think you can deny payment...the CC company will obviously urge you to pay up but since there was no signature i think u can say no... will remember to check with Mrs P on this and update you..shes the CC expert in the house...
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let me telly you very frankly..this seems to be insiders work..!! don't ask me to elaborate..
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How can your brother use your credit card? Are your signatures identical?
If the signature on the charge slip dated 13th. is not yours you can refuse to pay.
Card cloning is on the rise but that can not be done in one day's time. When a card is swiped date & time stamps are printed automatically. So if multiple swips had been done the time and date stamp will reveal that unless the machine has been tampered with.
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He has said that there was no signature on it at all....hence its an invalid transaction and thats why i told him that he can (in all probability) refuse to pay..

Originally posted by: jyotirmoy View Post

How can your brother use your credit card? Are your signatures identical?
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Very Shonky Indeed !!!!

As far as I am aware,if your Signature is NOT on
Garage Receipt Slip the CC hasn't a leg to stand on.

Advise CC you are NOT going to Pay.

vandy ;)
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If CC laws are the same as UK, Shopkeeper is laible for every transaction accepted for CC without a signature as it is not a valid transaction, not matter what documents you provide to prove it is you when making a purchase, even Passport. You should argue with CC company regarding this transaction, however, be vary as they will also argue that you have used card in past knowigly without a signature. In other words from what I understand, you may have also fradulently used the card according to their T&C. I remember argueing so many times as my time as a Manager of many of London dept store. I understand that it is a standard practise in US not to sign a signature strip.

On subject of CC, who is laible for failed transaction? In the UK it is now retailer, and not the issuing bank who looses out. I know we have to be so careful as an online retailer.
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Now my Q is who can anybody swipe with our credit card when it was in my possession at that given time

To answer your question, they don't have to have your card, they just need its details- the long number on the front and other things which I've decided not to mention in case there are any budding fraudsters around, but anyone who's made a payment over the phone or online will know what details are needed. If you put those details manually into the machine it will authorise a payment without the card being swiped.

Since the people at the petrol pump had access to your card on more than one occasion and on the day...well. Do you know who served your brother when he bought petrol earlier in the day?

And not smart to let your brother (or anyone else) use your card. The CC company could quite easily say he did it! The people who have access to the details needed to make a transaction are a) your brother (who presumably knows how to forge your signature since he regularly uses your card) and b) the staff at the petrol pump. And anyone else you've lent your card to. Don't do it.
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Originally posted by: karuna View Post

To answer your question, they don't have to have your card, they just need its details- the long number on the front and other things which I've decided not to mention in case t

If thats true for the swipping machine then they DEFINITELY have done that. Will any one second on that.

So i have to go for issue of another CC and scraap this one.
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yup, the merchant's don't need to have a card. Just the numbers can be keyed into the terminal. Often, magnetic strips cannot be read, and merchants key in the number even if they have the card.

Your protection varies depending on the regulations in the country the card was issued. In the US, I can just call my credit card company and dispute the transaction. It will then be up to the merchant to prove that the transaction was valid. Call your credit card company and see what they suggest, Or read your card holder agreement.

This is point and case for all of those what are concerned about using credit cards on the internet. The internet poses no greater risk than using your card at a merchant. Once you card is used, all the related information is out there waiting to be abused by anyone who can get their hands on it.
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Jyotirmoy - cards can be cloned very quickly. I was victim of a cash-machine skimmer a few years ago. I used a cash machine about 4.30 one afternoon. Around midnight the same night there were withdrawals from a cash point in a shop in Tottenham (where I'd never been). 3 weeks of to-ing and fro-ing between building society and police station and the £900 which had been wrongly taken from my account was refunded.

You might find it more difficult because you let your brother use your card - the small print might let the card company off the hook.

I seem to recall there was a card cloning scam in the UK a few years ago, involving petrol filling stations.
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It happened to me five years ago. I had called cc customer service to check my balance and it was maxed out. Someone cloned my card at some place I had used the card. The places the card was used I did know they existed. I did not have to pay any of the money but yes you don't need a physical card to use it.

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