change? neh
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Originally posted by: marctiga

before i get in the taxi im gona ask them "do you have change" if they say "no" im sayin "byeeeeee" and walk to the next one!!!

A very sensible approach !
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They may, very genuinely, have no change.

There's no problem with that at all.

Tell them to go and find some. :)
Life gets aadhar every day.
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Originally posted by: NorwayI very soon understood I needed 10 or 20 rupies both for canges and for tipping.


it is never too late!
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Just ask them to look in 'the other pocket'. There's always a another wad of notes - notice how it's only a lone note... There is little chance that a rickshaw driver, who usually deals with amounts less than R100, does not have change.

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