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Haylo do you remember how much he wanted for it. I remember buying a bullwhip in Agra in 1982 for Rs 10. Just wondered how much they cost now.

Ps My leather bullwhip still works fine:D
Don't recall, but it was not much. Then again it wasn't worth much, it was uneven, ugly and very loosely wrapped; no way would it have survived even a few good cracks.

More like a comedy holiday souvenir, not at all like anything that you would ever seriously use, even on the touts of Agra.

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>>> I feel unwanted, what's wrong with scamming me?
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Agra too was easy, the single 'scam' was the guy outside the fort telling me his mineral water was Rs100, so I went to another guy and said 'Rs15 for water', bought it and smiled at the Rs100 guy. I feel unwanted, what's wrong with scamming me?

Water scam:confused:, that's a new one to me.:laugh:

Actually in Agra, the majority of the drama can be directly attributed to the crock-a-touts who lie waiting at Agra Cantonment for the unsuspecting newbies to wade into their waters ... the subsequent negotiations, renegotiations, & associated banter ongoing throughout the day. If you went through this process & didn't get 'the gears' or taken to at least 3 emporiums - rejoice - you were actually scammed by paying way, way, way too much.:D

If you didn't take the train & engage in your own on-the-spot taxi/tour higgling - you missed half the fun.;)
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