Beggar kids asking for food

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The kids who lose out are the ones who are in genuine need of food/money.
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But shouldn't sex education, birth control, and only having children that you can sufficiently support come into this equation somehow, someway, and (hopefully) sooner than later? Incidentally and along the same lines, an eye-opening article in Saturday's G&M:

And despite all the government rhetoric about how its citizens have choices and condoms are brought right to village doorsteps, the truth is that, in the northern half of the country, the Indian health service consistently delivers only one form of contraception in the rural areas, where 70 per cent of the population lives.

That is tubal ligation, often performed at “camps,” where dozens of women are sterilized in a day; more than half of them are 25 or younger, and they are often illiterate and unclear about what the surgery means.

Unlike many women, Noni Raja knew exactly what she was doing when she got on the bus to the city: She has been trained in family planning, which she is charge of delivering in Kamrora, and is responsible for distributing a government-funded supply of condoms and oral contraceptives. It is the only access to birth control people here have, as most cannot afford a trip to the city. Yet, in a situation typical of India’s badly managed social schemes, it has been two years since Ms. Raja last received anything to dole out. Today, her kit contains one desiccated packet of prophylactics and an expired pregnancy test.

So, when a village woman confides that her in-laws have given her permission to stop having babies, Ms. Raja knows that the only option is sterilization. To make sure that she promotes it, the government pays her $3 for each woman she brings in – and, if she does not deliver as many as the government expects, she stands to lose the only wage-paying job in Kamrora, other than breaking stones in the quarry.
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I think I would give them the food I have. It would be tempting to want to go buy them more food, I like the idea of carrying bread or fruit to give away. I heard the government is increasing food subsidies, wonder if that will help at all.
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Please do not encourage begging by children for money. Even if one's heart is melting, each rupee given away is nothing but more encouragement for kids to beg.
Please have a look at this newspaper article. http://articles.timesofindia.indiati...police-officer

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