Be aware of your iphones on trains
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I was merely asking with a view to improving my finances. Train tickets don't grow on trees. :D

It must be a major quandary for you deciding whether or not to post links to articles that contain capital letters.

in reply to the first sentence, i am possibly the worst person to ask about how to make money. my advise is neither based on reason nor experience. link-clicking is not my area of expertise.

it was someone tiny in my family who remarked, when said that there was no money to buy her something, "but let us go to the ATM and get some". fascinating insight, that.

so, maybe, go to the nearest bank.

in reply to the second sentence, not really. i am not against others using capitals, just against me using them. to each, their own level of crazy [and i am open-minded enough to make such allowances].

of late, i have been learning american english and ebonics.
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Getting back to iPhones, phones and smartphones on trains, yes, vigilance is essential. My last rail trip in Australia was punctuated by a guy who was loudly furious that he'd left his iPhone on a seat while he went to the buffet car and NO RAIL EMPLOYEE HAD STOPPED IT BEING STOLEN. The dilatory scoundrels.

On Indian trains, as well as vigilance, a little community spirit goes a long way. Like a couple of people I know, I carry a small power board and let the folks in my part of the carriage know that it's available as a charging station for their phones. Always accepted, always a great conversation starter, and means that someone's keeping an eye on their phone, and thus your stuff. It all helps!
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the power board is a good idea. there is, now, a charge point [2 numbers, indian style sockets, with round pins, one on each side wall], even in sleeper class compartments [ for each 8 seat set].

[used to be that old style compartments had charge points at either ends, near the toilets]

whether they work, that is another issue entirely.

DC in, AC out.

pure speculation : perhaps those may be causing the fires, given all the 'dubious quality' chargers.

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