ATM or Credit Cards - Lost or Stolen
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My bank in Australia will not send an ATM card to an address in India either - to have the replacement sent to me I have to have it sent to a friend in Australia who will then send it on to me here. A couple of times I have asked about this, but they are adamant about not sending cards to India - apparently problems with cards being stolen en route. The one and only time I had to have this done, it took via DHL courier three weeks to arrive and much tension for me.

The hold ups were in Delhi, Jaipur and Jodhpur. An overnight train reaches Jaisalmer in a day and a bit - but it took ten days from Delhi to Jodhpur, and they would not send it onto Jaisalmer - my nephew had to take a bus to Jodhpur and back and collect the package that it was inside.
I will never have an ATM card sent to me again - I would rather wait until I know someone from Australia who is coming over this way to bring it with them. I have recently done this with my renewed Oz driving licence. I won't risk having it sent to me.
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Banks in Australia have the facility to give you an ATM card, with which you charge with an amount from your main account via the net. You can also have a different pin, you can even have more than one card. Seems good to me, to charge an ATM with a weeks budget every week and use this as your primary card. Having said this I am travelling to India first time next year.

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