Annoyance, not scam
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Annoyance, not scam

I knew the date Holi fell on last year, but nobody told me that many kids start to "play Holi" 4-5 days before the actual date. And the "color" used in Rajasthan is often permanent dye. Lost my favorite pair of travel-trousers to early "holi warfare." Bought a cheap outfit for Holi after that, and wore it every day for almost a week. Good thing too, because I was so "pink" by the end of the week that it honestly took me several weeks to get all of it out (even had to color my hair when I got home a month later to get rid of the remaining pink). That said, I had a blast during Holi.
Happy trails!

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well in cities things can get ugly........i got a water balloon on my head.......but it was fun hehe
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Hey KathSF, yeah, in fact holi can begin on the streeet 2 weeks before..thats the joy of indian festivals, the climax builds up ! And hey, perhaps the colors on your fav travelpants can be a souvenir, a reminder of the trip years later !
also did you dye your hair pink ? just curious !

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