A Word of Caution about Festivals (Holi)

#16 Oct 4th, 2003, 13:41
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Question Ummmm...what about March 2004?

Let me sound amazingly ignorant for a moment and ask if Holi is always in March. My lovely Kari and I will be most likely arriving in Delhi in March. And while I love crowds and festivals, this madness (a cultural assumption, madness) has me a mite concerned. Yes, it's a ways away, but maybe we can pick another airport. I'm a very seldom poster, but I appreciate all y'all so very much. Thanks in advance for any and all feed back.
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March 6, to be exact, in 2004. And it's really really really FUN! A little common sense should be all the safety you'll need.


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when is Holi?
susan turlapati
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march 6 is holi
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oh my..

it gives me chickenskin when i think back about this year's Holi when i was in Mathura for 3 days with my friend to enjoy with is family....

i got involved in all kind of fights full of colour/people with knives/cow shit/cookies and all other kinds of sackness..

it was truely too much of the good
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Re: .

Originally posted by Ankur
Delhi is known for cases of molestation and harassment, especially in the buses. And no one suffers as much as the Delhi women themselves. The Police has done a lot to control this and it is a little better than what it used to be a few years ago, but a lot needs to improve. Having said that..Delhi also has some of the most wonderful people in India.
good to see someone showing awareness of the problem from the local point of view - it is not all about poor tourists.

and yes, i firmly believe kicking arse. a broken nose or bloody lip will mean the man will think again next time. women, we need to stick up for ourselves. never rely on a man for self-defence. of course you have to gauge the situation, but gouging eyes and ripping off the gonads will make any group of guys stop in shock horror.
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I had an amusing Holi moment a couple of years ago when I was in Calcutta.
After a couple of hours of pelting and being pelted with coloured paint - all good fun and nobody got out of order (apart from one backpacker) - my friend Linda and I headed off to the Fairlawn Hotel for a well deserved Kingfisher or two.
When we arrived a couple of customers commented that we were very brave and looked great dabbed in pink, green, purple, blue and whatever colours!
We grabbed a couple of seats and waited to be served. After about ten minutes I called to the waiter as I was getting a bit annoyed about being ignored. He trotted over and I asked him for two Kingfishers. Off he went and we continued to wait.
When he finally reappeared some minutes later, without our beer. I asked him what the problem was.
He looked at us and without turning a hair said, 'I'm sorry, we don't serve coloured people.'

True story

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#23 Feb 28th, 2004, 16:05
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Great story RTP!
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Holi has arrived!!

Just got back from the Old Delhi-rickshaw tour with BiJ & Co (thank you!! was fantastic). Somewhere in Chandy Chowk area on the street with saris me and Byronic got nailed - we were hit by the water baloon and got totally soaked (I am glad to say Byronic was more soaked than I). The water was plain (no colour) but hey it is a whole week before the 6 March!!

Tina has pictures to prove.

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Re: Where to go for Holi

Originally posted by markg
We are coming for the holi festival in march. i've heard the stories of delhi and was hoping someone could help with a friendly destination to celebrate and film a short documentary on the festival. We obviously want the young , viabrant party atmosphere but are reluctant to jeopodise our safety for this.
please email me, markgillies@hotmail.com
Bombay (Mumbai) is the most ideal place to shoot something you are looking for. People have private parties, street parties, and then past noon everyone ends up at the beach. Caution on the beach for the camera, because everyone is high and I would advise long shots from a parked car or house on the beach.
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<blockquote>Just got back from the Old Delhi-rickshaw tour with BiJ & Co (thank you!! was fantastic). Somewhere in Chandy Chowk area on the street with saris me and Byronic got nailed - we were hit by the water baloon and got totally soaked (I am glad to say Byronic was more soaked than I). The water was plain (no colour) but hey it is a whole week before the 6 March!!</blockquote>

YES it was crazy! Volga and I were in one pedal rickshaw with Bij and tina in the other behind us. We were winding through a super narrow street in Chandni Chowk around sunset taking in the atmosphere (and the only Westerners in sight) when from probably 3 stories up a water balloon hit me smack in the head. I got soaked and Volga's hair and clothes got it too. I was royally pissed till I found out it was a Holi water balloon. BiJ and tina got hit in their ricshaw too. I'm glad it was just water and not colored (they were selling piles of florecent pigment colors in the Chandni Chowk spice market). Yes and it was one week early of holi too.

Beware of the eagle eyed water balloon throwers!!!
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be careful

Originally Posted by guerik Aie! As a single young female I'm now ever so slightly terrified - I was planning to spend about a week in the Delhi area.
I'm hoping that these posts are just showing the worst case scenario, but what do y'all think? Should I make plans to spend that time somewhere else instead or should I be ok?
hi ive never been to deli but i was on baga beach last xmas ,and we had to rescue 2 girls who had wandered on to the more indian part of the beach and they were getting groped every where there were 1000s of indian males there so just make sure your with some 1 ,,,take care and have a good time as its great when u get there
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This year Holi will be March 14-15. Thought I'd post this handy list of Hindu -India Festival Dates, 2006. Seemed like a good enough place; you may want to move it elsewhere.... I plan to be with the Dalai Lama so I guess I'm safe!

2006 Festival Dates
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You mean the dalai lama doesn't get all silly for holi?

Among the world's religious leaders and great men he always seems somehow one of most human
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I was in Dharamsala for Holi last year and it was great... hardly any change in the people at all as it is mainly a buddhist town. We had a driver coming to pick us up and he drove through punjab on Holi. When he came the day after to get us, the car was all bashed up... windows broken, headlights broken, the sides scratched up... the works... and he was an indian driver, driving alone...! I hate holi! It's not too bad in Rishikesh either.... although the year before in rishikesh a foreign man got stabbed like 20 times (but survived)... he was out for a walk along the banks of the ganges and some drunk guy just stabbed him... he got caught. Best advice... stay inside!

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