Charles the Guide in Mt Abu

#1 Jun 10th, 2004, 22:25
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Feb 2004
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i arrived in Mc Leod Ganj today but have to tell you about a young indian guy i met while staying in Mt Abu.

he calls himself Charles Guide!

infact, he saved me from spending 450R plus for a room in mt abu cause it was and still is high seasion there.
he runs a small guest house with only 2 rooms at nakki lake called Lake Cottage with nice, clean doubles with private toilets and showers including a few of the lake. he charges 300 in high and 150 in low season which is good vallue i`d say. and he is very nice and smart with an outgoing personality. i really licked him a lot!
he also makes walking tours into the wildlife sanctuary and the area around mt abu. i did a half day guided tour into the WS with him which i enjoyed a lot. he knows the area verry well and will tell you all you want to know and maybe a bit more
i`ve got the impression that he is very honest and trustworthy.

his email adress is: and
you can also call him at his mobile phone: 9414154854

so, if you are going to mt abu and want to stay at his place or do a tour with him then tell him that you are a member of indiamike and i`m sure you will enjoy it!

the climat in mt abu was excellent while i stayed there, about 32C while it was about 42-45C in abu road.

all the best


PS: the prices stated in LP about shri ganesh guest house are not true! it says it`s 150-175 YEAR ROUND which is a bad joke IMHO. the guy there wanted 450 for the cheepest room from me!
#2 Jun 10th, 2004, 23:19
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Brilliant post freemanx,
Just the kind of info that you don''t find in a Guide book!!
Please put it in the Hotel Listings!!

While we're in Mt Abu..........
Anybody got any info on a local lake in the mount Abu region, it's called lake Mair and that kind of interests me.

So how's McLeodganj? Pretty full at this time of year I imagine?
Again you seem to have chosen well, a nice climate with something new around every corner!
Head up to Dal lake and beyond you can walk around the huge chunk of mountain facing you in the ganj by walking this way.
The Church and graveyard on the main road to Dharamsla are a jump back to the British Raj.
And the shop at the bus stand is it Nowhrajees sorry the name escapes me (or at least the spelling) take a look in there. A wee taste of times gone by!! ( they were there when the Dalai Lama arrived, way back in..........

Freemanx I know your partial to a BEER, so try the local Cider made from the apple Grown in the orchards of H.P.
Not too bad though one is probably enough!!
Ach I could go on and on but freemanx you know the score~~~

Happy Traveling!!

#3 Jun 11th, 2004, 14:35
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India !
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Re: Charles the Guide in Mt Abu

Originally posted by freemanx ........ i really licked him a lot!
Freemanů.me too licked it a lot!!
You beat me on the spelling front
#4 Jun 11th, 2004, 15:09
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How did you travel from Mt. Abu to Mcleodganj ?

Don't forget to visit the tea gardens of Palampur(35 kms. from D'sala) before leaving the area.

Can't help you much on the beer front in H.P., but do try the "Kangra Tea" of Palampur; its superb!
Whoever said money can't buy happiness didn't know where to shop !
#5 Jun 11th, 2004, 20:34
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i`ll give the cider a try cyberhippy

SHIMLA, i took a train to pathankot and from there the toy train to kangra. then 3 busses to mcleodganj. it was quite a journey
the toy train has quite nice fews though.

Beach you make me (no dictionary)
#6 Sep 12th, 2004, 23:03
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Sep 2004
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I just found this page while searching something about Charles, who is a friend of mine.
Im happy to see that you liked him a lot

I happened to travel in India 3 years ago and met him in Mount Abu (and came back 1 year ago also)

Because he is -as you said- a very honest and trustworthy guy, I tried to help him a little : take him with us to travel in Rajasthan and Shimla (maybe he told you about his friend from France?).
Im working on a website for him (so slowly ...)
and would like to do more .

Thats why I wanted to tell you this guy -looking so little and so young- deserve to be known and -why not- helped by making him know by other travellers.
Because its so good to find people like this in India :
no cheeting, refusing all commission things, very positive thinking, and very brave also (he make the living for all family and work hard for it).
I already wrote to the lonely planet and others guide about him, but they said they must meet him first and dont seem to have till now.

Whatever, I trust him a lot, because of many things we lived all together during the trip, and he deserves to succeed.

So, if you want more information about him, or Mount Abu or whatever (or if you have ideas to help him a little or for his webpage) just contact me here or by mail.
Hope you ll go in Mount Abu and meet him
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I would like to contact him - this is an old post - is he still there? OH - Charles the guide!
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Thumbs up Charles Guide

I recently spent one week in Mt. Abu and can clearly state that Charles Guide is an excellent trekking guide to experience and rightfully comes recommended above all other guides in the area. He was knowledgeable, patient, kind, professional, and clearly loves his trekking business. He takes excellent care of his customers and his main concern is that they enjoy Mt. Abu's natural wildlife and beauty.

For more information on how to reach him, check out his blog site at or read the Lonely Planet & Rough Guides. There is a reason he is written about everywhere!

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