Extended stay possible at Golden Temple? (1-2 months)?

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Hello everyone! I have been traveling for about 9 months now in Asia, 3 of those months in India. I am still currently in India. I am now looking for a place where I can pause, stop moving for a month or two, even three, and get some writing done. I want to apply for school in creative writing, as well as write some articles on travel to send out in the hopes of becoming a travel writer. Afterwards I'll continue traveling for a bit. Ideally I would do my writing projects in a place which is very very cheap or free. This is the main factor for me. I don't need silence, tranquility, or isolation. Just the free time afforded by not working. From what I've heard about the Golden Temple in Amritsar, it sounds like it might be an ideal place. I have not visited it yet. I'd like to get some input on whether this would be feasible. I heard they have a dorm where foreigners can stay for free, and free meals. I've traveled a long time in basic conditions and am ok with any living arrangements, as long as its relatively safe! My primary concern is how staying for a long time would be perceived by the people running the place. I would be more than happy to help out with the maintanance of the place, such as cleaning, cooking etc,. (I have heard these things are done on a voluntary basis). Would I be seen as a freeloader if I stayed for that long? especially worried about this since it IS a temple, and I would not be there for any kind of religious purposes. I think the spiritual atmosphere might be ideal for completing my writing projects, but I'm not really interested in meditation or anything like that, so I'm not sure if people would understand. Any input would be much appreciated! Also if anyone wants to recommend another place in India, or the rest of the world, that would be more suitable to a long-term stay and writing project, please do! I'm 28 and female by the way.
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Check http://www.sgpc.net/sarai-booking/index.asp for accommodation options in the Golden Temple complex. You can call them if you have any questions.
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My mom came to stay with me for two weeks and left after 10 & 1/2 months. My spouse still resents it bitterly after 3 decades and the old lady is long gone from this vale..
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There are lots of Gurdwaras or Dharamshala like Golden Temple Amritsar then you can choose another holy place like Haridwar lots of Ashrams there then Vrindavan where you easily get shelter or stay for few months.

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