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I am planning soon to travel from Mumbai to Amritsar by train before heading over to Himachel. It seems a more convenient route rather than going via Delhi which I can visit en route back here. However locals here are telling me that it is FAR TOO HOT in Amritsar and that I would be better leaving it out and going straight to Himachel. However going 'straight' to Himachel means going through Delhi and surely Delhi is not going to be much cooler.... is it?

Any ideas about the weather at the moment in Amritsar??
Presumably the temple is open at eves/early mornings to avoid the heat anyway?
Is the visit to the Pakistan border worthwhile? How long is a reasonable stay in Amritsar?? - one or two people have said that once you have seen the temple, there is absolutely no point hanging around and that one or two nights would be enough??

Any feedback much appreciated ........ ta
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1 night is enough. if u have to visit wagah border visit only in the evening to see the flag ceremony, else it would be a waste, (yes its worth seeing as the soldiers of the two sides perform the flag ceremony, its like the evening change of guard at the buckingham palace)
dont worry about the heat, it would be much lesser than delhi and rajasthan, and once you are inside golden temple, the sarovar (pool) keeps the surroundings cool enough. go to the main temple(harmandir sahib - the sanctum sanctorum), the museum to see glimpse of the sikh history, langar ghar (for the free community meal, langar), akal takht (the highest seat in sikh religion), and a revolution around the pool (parikrama).

late afternoon head for wagah
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If you wish to head for Himachal directly without touching Amritsar, you can do so by a direct train from Mumbai to Kalka. There's no need to halt at Delhi, either.

There's also a direct train from Mumbai to Chakki Bank, if its the Dalhousie area of Himachal you plan to see.
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You shouldn't miss Amritsar though, if you can really help it. The Golden Temple is one of the most special places you'll ever visit.


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I second that.

Keep 4 hours for that, if possible early morning upto 12-1 in the noon, or evening when you can see lights and the golden temple & the sarovar (pool) in the lights
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Its hot but I have always found it bearable.

If visiting Amritsar I would miss out on the museum within the Golden Temple as it is a shambles plus there is little to see, there are just pop art type pictures which you can see outside in the shops, swords and a few guns etc. the real items of interest (Gold jewel encrusted canopies etc) are only shown on special days/festivals.

A better museum is at the summer palace of Maharaja Rhunjeet Singh which is located in the Ram Bagh Gardens (the locals refer to it as Company Bagh).

There is the Durgiana Mandir which is also worth a visit.

The border retreat ceremony is late afternoon.

A few tips for the Golden Temple. Go very early in the morning if you can as later in the day all NRIs and locals start to arrive and then it can take more than an hour to get inside the Golden Temple. Also take the small middle queue as it is always quicker than the one for the main entrance (also venture upstairs of the Golden Temple, you can get up on to the roof without problems). Do haggle if you buy anything from the shops around the Golden Temple, the prices quoted are always inflated for tourists and NRIs/PIO.

Also despite it being a spiritual place and as with many other places that are on the tourist trail there are criminals operating within the Golden Temple complex so take care of your belongings.

Have a look at the following site which mentions a few other places that might be worth visiting.
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Thumbs up

Originally Posted by shere Have a look at the following site which mentions a few other places that might be worth visiting.
Always amazing to see what little gems pop up here. In my older edition of LP at least Punjab is one of the great missing gaps, there's little info except on Amritsar and a small number of other places. Any residents or visitors with interesting highlights? Even advice on roaming around the countryside?

nb Just a question out of general interest, I have no immediate plans.
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A day is really not long anough for any town , and Amaristar is something special!!!. Found the town 'just another indian town' Its the temple that makes it special!!!!!! Stayed in a hotel by the gates, and could not walk past without going in for a stroll around.A very special place.Wagah is worth going to just for evening ceremoney Head for the vip stand ,much better veiw, and less chance of getting crushed!!!!!

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