accommodation in golden temple
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accommodation in golden temple

iam planning to go amristar golden temple on febuary 12th.iam alone can i get accommodation in temple premisses.then i want to go waga boarder.from there iam planning to go jewalamuki.please tell me the route.-thanks

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Here is the website of the Golden Temple in Amritsar with contact info for accomodation in the Golden Temple premises.
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Rajan, Congratulations on your trip to the Golden Temple. I'm positive that it will not disappoint you.

A note of caution, when I visited a couple of years ago, some Sikhs I met within the Temple told me that there had been growing incidents of theft at night. I do not know if it is still true but like with all places you visit and hotels, mind your valuables.

Enjoy the truly is spectacular.
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at golden temple they prefer poeples family members first if they still have rooms left then give it to single peoples or male pilgrims ,that how it works for you it depends on which category you falls in .for route to jawalamukhi you shuold go to wagah border first and then travel to jawalamukhi via hoshiyarpur ..shortest and best i would say....enjoy
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