Relocating to Pune from NJ in few months
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Relocating to Pune from NJ in few months

I am re-locating from NJ and will be working in Hinjewadi. I have two kids ,one 10 another 4 and am considering to enroll them in symbiosis school. Please suggest if there are any other good international schools I should be considering. Also I am looking for some good apartment complex or township to live in with all facilities.
Please suggest a good place to live in between the school and work. Would prefer to have limited commute for the kids.

Appreciate any guidance.


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Hey Cha cha -- Symbiosis is a very popular school. There is the Mercedes Benz International School (MBIS) also. For an optimal commute, you might want to check out Aundh and Baner. Several women I know with spouses working in Hinjewadi stay there. There are gated communities that have single family homes (called "bungalows" here) in a more "suburban" setting. Koregaon Park and Kalyani Nagar seem to have the highest concentration of expats and resources, but if your first focus is the commute for your kids, Aundh and Baner would be better. Getting into Koregaon Park/Kalyani Nagar takes about 40 minutes. Hope that's helpful.
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Pune is a good place, i hear from my brother's friend as he lives and works there!
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Other school to consider for you could be Mercedes Benz international school which is at hinjewdi so yr workplace and kids schools could be close. If you plan to stick with symbiosis then good place to stay close to school could be ,prabhat road , law college rd or model colony . Hinjewadi is about 15 Km's from all these places but symbiosis school is within 1 -2km . happy to help if you need any other info on pune city.
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bavdhan is one area you might like... other options would be pimple saudagar..... Rest others have suggested.

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