Pune - Aurangabad - Jalgaon - Bhusawal
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Pune - Aurangabad - Jalgaon - Bhusawal

I would like to visit to Bhusawal (my relative native place) from pune, please suggest good route from Pune. BTW I will be travelling with my Alto car. Your valuable suggestions are requested. Thank you.

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There is only 2 available route:
Pune-Nagar-Aurangabad- sillodh- Jamner- Bhusawal- Total distance 410 km (Take this route only if u r travelling day time, its notorious during nights)
Pune-Nagar-Aurangabad- sillodh-Jalgaon-Bhusaval- Total distance 430 KM (Safe at night as well)

Pune Nagar- 120 km 4 lane toll road
Nagar-Aurangabad- 120 km 4 lane toll road
Aurangabad- BSL- 190 km 2 lane decent road

Leave Pune early morning by 5, that will save a lot of time:
I've travelled Pune BSL quickest in 6 hours in Santro @120KMPH most of the time in santro
Slowest ive travelled is 10 hours during peak traffic of Diwali in Figo


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