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Our baby travelling with us (parents on OCI) will overstay his e tourist visa by 4 hours when boarding the flight
We applied for an exit permit at the Pune FRO and were given a date 7 days ahead to collect it. On the given date our file was initially nowhere to be found and once found was not yet signed as the FRO was away on that day.
Secondly, no one at Pune FRO seems to know the correct fee for the exit. They would be charging the £55 ( which is newborn exit visa fee). Online references seem to suggest $40 and their visa fee circular says Rs.8400 for a 6 month tourist visa for an UK national.

We have wasted enough time first to submit documents clearly mentioned as non mandatory on the application and then not have the FRO clearance on the date promised because of carelessness of the FRO office. Our flight is now 2 days away. Can the airport authorities detain us for carrying an illegal migrant baby out of the country. If we ask them to detain the baby and inform the British embassy can they still detain us even if we are fully legal and within our right to leave?
In such a circumstance won't they just have to let the baby go with the parents?

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| Hati Hati
If we ask them to detain the baby and inform the British embassy
Worst case scenario - what if they call your bluff and actually detain the baby and put him in a child home for the duration till the issue is resolved? Or asks you to contact a relative to take care of the child in India?

Do you really want to take the risk?
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The FRO is unavailable today as well!
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Also strictly technically speaking they would have to inform the British embassy of British baby they have detained on its own, which would be a diplomatic nightmare
| Hati Hati
Can you delay your departure?
I don't know about you but if it was my baby I would not risk it on assumptions based on probable actions of another party(who has no interest in the welfare of my child).
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Given the hassle it poses them, they would have to let the baby go with a warning to the parents!

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