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SunderBeau Jun 28th, 2007 08:43

Classical Indian Dance in And Around Pune
Greetings all

I am so happy to have come across this site....It has been really helpful. I will be travelling to India for the first time, solo flight. :D I would like some info on the dance scene in this area. If anyone knows where I could take classes in Odissi or sacred dance, I am open.........Also, does anyone know about an area called "out of africa", I have been trying to find info about staying there.

Infinite Gratitude

Nick-H Jul 5th, 2007 14:39

It's a shame, no-one, so far, seems to have the information that you want...

Maybe someone will be along...

aadil Jul 5th, 2007 14:53

There are a lot of places in Mumbai but then you would not want to come to Mumbai for that. I am sure there are many institutes offering the same in Pune too. Just do a Google search on "Pune Odissi classical dance classes institutes" and I am sure you will be looking at a thousand results!!! Hope this helps.


SunderBeau Jul 5th, 2007 19:37


Odissi Oct 21st, 2010 17:48

Indian dancing in Orissa
I know I'm too late in this thread but someone else might be looking for the same thing that you have been looking for. So if you want to take dancelessons in Orissa my suggestion is to search google for Guruji Padma Charan Dehury. He is a master of Odissi and teaches in his home village Katabahal (150 km from Bhubaneswar) from August to December. I've been training with him and he is indeed excellent. His english on the other hand is less than excellent but you will kind of understand him :) In the village you stay with his family. I think the price is 16 000 rupees ( last time at least) for one month dance training, food and room.

Hope to be help for someone.

Jai Jaganath

machadinha Oct 21st, 2010 19:12


Originally Posted by Odissi (Post 1065546)
if you want to take dancelessons in Orissa

I think you're thinking of Puri, Orissa; this is about Pune, Maharashtra, though ;)

While this thread dates to 2007 indeed, members now might like to check out e.g.

In Aurangabad, I was told the town of Paithan (otherwise famous for its fabrics, I believe) is set around a lake, where music & dance shows are held "at night" (every night? All year? Don't ask me. Should start around dusk, the way I was told it.) This isn't next door to Pune (Pune-Aurangabad is some 7-11 hours by train),* but it might be worth investigating for those touring the wider area. Or it might be just some tacky stuff, I didn't check it out myself.

* Although a problem is Aurangabad isn't on a main line. Trains to Shirdi (Sainagar Shirdi, or using the station of Puntamba), which is further away from Paithan however, would take 5-7 hours, for instance.

(Although on re-reading the whole thing now, I've shot myself in the foot once again, thinking in terms of where to see such arts, not to participate in them. Duh. Oh well, for the sake of posterity, then ;) )

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