Leaving to charity
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Leaving to charity

Not to be morbid or anything, but I have a bit of savings and a bit of property back in India, and I keep thinking I should somehow make sure that whatever is left eventually goes to some good cause. I don't even know any lawyers or any aspects of wills in India, and must say I am deeply distrustful of any official doings in India.

Has anyone got some general advice? Should I try to sort this in India or will any will drawn in the UK cover any legacies in India too? It would be nice to know of any streamlined process geared to NRIs/OCIs.

Thanks for any info!

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My advice is think twice before letting the taxman (in Britain) know about your savings and properties in India, unless you have already declared them and are paying the appropiate taxes.

A friend of mine sold a property in India whilst he was settled in the UK, the taxman found out and he had no end of problems.
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