Delay in Land Registration
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Delay in Land Registration

My father had purchased one piece of land and at that time he only took one stamp paper and on that he had taken sign of owner and two witness only and did not bothered to do registration. All this was done around 12 years back and last year (2015) my father died due to some disease, and the now the land owner is saying that take your money back which your father given or pay according to new rate if want to register that land.

The current value of this land is around 6 lac.
and the registration cost is approx 2 lac.

We have only that stamp paper and one witness who had signed on that paper.

Can we go to court with that piece of stamp paper as proof? will that work after that much of time?

Please advice me what steps we can take?

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You should ask a lawyer who deals with land cases in your region, not a tourism forum on the internet. You want to discuss the visa needed for owning land in your state? We're capable of discussing that for 4 pages, including jokes! But your case sounds like something only a local lawyer can help you with.
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Agree with NIR, but have to add my good for nothing comment as a habit.

The crux in this case is, who occupies the land has the upper hand, and a strong one at that, simple. The court case can go on till the next generation is ready to ask the same question, and further ahead.
If you find my posts confrontationist, please bear, I am an old frustrated guy who has nothing better to do than sit on rocking chair and curse the world whole day
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My family did a long property dispute for a century. When it finally went to court nobody knew the details and it was dismissed with regrets. But, it generate some marvelous looking historical court documents..
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Your best bet is to talk to an attorney to see if you can register the land now.

If not, try to settle with the original owner. Take the money your father paid with interest and move on. Otherwise, as mentioned earlier, you will be in litigation for very long time. Or, settle for flat four lakhs. Avoid disputes if you can help it.

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