How would you like to travel in India to make the trip most satisfying?

View Poll Results: How would you like to travel in India to make the trip most satisfying?
By car 19 11.66%
In coach with a group 5 3.07%
By train 56 34.36%
Combo of car & train 26 15.95%
By flight 3 1.84%
Combo of car, train & flight 40 24.54%
By motorbike - looking for adventure? 24 14.72%
By bicycle - only for courageous! 10 6.13%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 163. You may not vote on this poll

#1 Sep 24th, 2003, 18:29
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Feb 2003
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How would you like to travel in India to make the trip most satisfying?

1. By car
2. In a coach with a group
3. By train
4. Combination of car & train
5. By flight
6. Combination of car, train & flight
7. By motorbike (looking for adventure??)
8. By bicycle (only for couregeous!!)
#2 Sep 25th, 2003, 17:10
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Jul 2003
Nashik, INDIA
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My vote goes to option No.6
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#3 Sep 26th, 2003, 01:32
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Feb 2002
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susan turlapati
#4 Sep 26th, 2003, 01:42
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Sep 2001
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No prizes for guessing what I voted for.
#5 Sep 26th, 2003, 08:32
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Jun 2003
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#6 Sep 27th, 2003, 01:18
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Jun 2003
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As for as travel by bus goes , i only see 'In coach with a group' .
I had some interesting travels on , mostly local, bus .

Travel on local bus is just great for short journeys, your personal space is ignored of course , but it's nothing like the video-coach-deluxe-seat-numbered vehicles from the big towns & a great way of meeting people .

My choice would be :
Combination of riksha, train & bus .
And long walks (my favorite) .

I'm a bit surprised that my favorite : 'Combination of riksha, train & bus ' is not there ?
#7 Oct 2nd, 2003, 01:02
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Mar 2003
Manali, India
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7 (motorbike) is probably the best all round option for a combination of speed and contact with the places on the way.

8 (bicycle) is excellent if you are in no real rush, and has the advantage of being the best Ice Breaker. It is, however, terrifying if its your first trip and you've stupidly left a large city in rush hour.

Start with either of these and options 2,3,4,5 and 6 will just feel depressing every time as you stare out of the windown without being able to stop.
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#8 Mar 6th, 2005, 09:09
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Feb 2005
Canberra Australia
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cool poll .... i agree with neoncarrot.... the best way to enjoy it is to be as close to the action as possible. I voted for number 8 and will hopefully do it late this year!
#9 Mar 6th, 2005, 16:25
belkin_wonder_boy Future Member
Having a car and driver is pretty darn nice. Wish I could have that in L.A.
#10 Mar 6th, 2005, 17:12
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Dec 2003
India !
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#11 Mar 6th, 2005, 17:21
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Dec 2004
don't live anymore
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It also depends where I am travelling. If the distance is more than 350 kms, then train & car, else just car. If I am travelling in the hills, then an open maruti gypsy is the best, followed by a motor cycle. If the distance is less and no targets, then definitely bicycle and probably the best.
#12 Mar 6th, 2005, 21:12
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Dec 2003
Back to 'God's own country'
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Given a choice - first goes to travel by My Motorbike
Second choice is our own car
Dont mind beach's choice too but then after half an hour it is painful to continue on the same mode of transport
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#13 Mar 6th, 2005, 21:27
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Oct 2004
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Train and Motorbike definately...
#14 Mar 7th, 2005, 13:08
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Oct 2004
Victoria, Seychelles
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Driving around India with my 'capable' buddies in an SUV wld be an awesome experience!! Let's see if that happens. Until then, I wld probably take the train or plane... :-)
#15 May 11th, 2005, 02:48
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May 2005
Western NC USA
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Best to be flexible. I used to only go by 2nd Class trains. Then moved up to 1st Class trains (don't be fooled by that 1st class stuff. Still pretty basic until you get to 1st Class AC!) Then once in a state of exhaustion after a 24 hr. train ride without a blanket (who knew it could get freezing at night between Delhi & Jhodpur) opted to hire a driver to get to Jaiselmer. Then most recently, could not get a train back from Goa to Mumbai where we had a flight home, and managed our first flight within India back to Mumbai. It was fantastic. So now I'll do anything but drive myself. Never, ever, will I drive my own car in India. Even with 4 eyes (I wear glasses) I would need 4 more. I've had terrifying experiences in buses (from Srinigar to Leh-when you could do that route), etc. and even in an ancient WWII jeep from Darjeeling to Kalimpong (driving with the engine turned off to save gas and coasting down the mountain) but at least those drivers know the lay of the land. Not Me!!!

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