What to take for photography? Canon
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What to take for photography? Canon

I currently have a Canon T4i and 17-55mm 2.8. Sure, it's the best all around lens for crop sensor, but it's also pretty heavy and large. With the newly released pancake 24mm 2.8 STM would be much smaller and mobile, but with just one focal length.
Or a gopro for videos.. Just throwing that out there..
No problem

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A 17-55 is "heavy" and "large"? . . . OK . . . ? . . . regardless of how heavy and large it is, I'd absolutely take most any zoom over a fixed length WIDE ANGLE! You are talking about an either/or situation, a single lens, I'm assuming . . .

And if you have a GoPro, take it . . . too! It takes up less space and weight than a pair of socks.

My usual load is: Two bodies, four lenses, minimum. I take a HD Sony HDR FX-1 video camera, and tripod.
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If I had to pick one for travel, I would take the zoom as you dont always have the space to move back/forward. It is specially useful when visiting monuments or walking through narrow lanes and I am not into stitching pictures.

Having said that, a single prime will force you to think harder and you will likely come up with shots from unique perspective.

To summarize this short post:
Take the zoom if you dont want to miss a shot (of course there might still be photo-ops that require a focal length longer than 55mm)
Take the prime if you want to be absorbed by photography more than travel.
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to each his own...

A prime 45mm +-5mm ( in full frame terms) focal length works for me.

They say you need a wide angle for landscapes and a tele for portraits. I fundamentally disagree, take 1 lens you are comfortable working with. Changing lens in the field can get tiring really really quickly.
There are no rules in photography... To each his own. Some landscape images with 45mm here
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^^ I agree that wide angle lens are needed for landscape. I prefer to shoot landscape with a longer focal length for perspective compression. Wide angled lenses make the mountains seem like camel humps.

But WA lenses have their use when you want to get in real close or when you cant move back.

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