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Originally Posted by vaibhav_arora View Post hi All

I need some advice re: camera and lens. I need better low-light performance. My problem is, when shooting at anything over 800 ISO, the results have unacceptable grain (when viewed at full magnification). I use a D7000 with 18-140VR. I have two options -

1. Use a sharper lens. Open to suggestions - since i tend to do mostly street / art , etc - a variable focal length is preferred, unless someone can suggest otherwise.

2. Sell the current set up and move to something else. What do i move to?
I have been amazed by the results from good cellphones (Sony, Apple, Google, Panasonic, Samsung) with a good stabilizer in low light as well as from a moving vehicle !
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Originally Posted by nycank View Post I never understood ETTR. I know the physics, and the geek stuff. But, I heard from one of them lightstalkers, that ETTL is easier in post processing (which many do at ISOs 1600 or >) And in my experience, a -1EV and some combination of finding the sweetspot for particular lens works better as a low-cost-solution for distance & speed of lens.

But, I will gladly learn from your experience (for for that matter of the gurus)
I can recount my experience and learning over the past few years and you can see what suits you.

Essentially, the ETTR that I know and practiced was plain simple Exposing To The Right without blowing the highlights. So your histogram is a bit biased to the right without any right side clippings. The theory boiling down to something like increasing the signal to noise ratio in the image. So, for example, if you are shooting at f/2.8, 1/250s, ISO800 and are getting some noise in the image with the histogram being "correctly" exposed [peaking in the center]. Theoretically, you can still get a cleaner image by slightly over-exposing [without clipping] by altering any one of the parameters. This would work even if you increase the ISO from 800 to 1600. You then need to pull back the exposure in post though.

I have this work well for me on my erstwhile Canon sensors. I used to liberally use the ISO range to 3200 while shooting moving stuff. The darker areas in the image do show up significant noise at this stage though. But with ETTR and some noise reduction, they were manageable. The Nikon folks whom I used to interact with were not convinced by this though

These days with the Fuji I don't bother much. I gladly increase the ISO and leave it to the camera. Also, I read some articles from Fuji folks speaking against ETTR and rather suggesting ETTL since shadow performance in Fuji sensors is better. I, now, just try to get a decent exposure on location and do the rest in post. The Fuji performs exceedingly well for my requirements and I don't shoot much events or images in dark anyway.

To conclude, you may try some stuff what works for you and your camera. This is just based on my experience and it may not work for you. Start with ETTR and see if it works.
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