Travel with dog from Kolkata to Toronto in April/May

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Hi there,

Looking for some advice! I adopted a street puppy back in December in Kolkata, and now I would like to bring her to live with me in Toronto.

From what I've researched Lufthansa is the best airline for pet travel. Any alternatives to suggest?

Does anyone have experience bringing a pet to Canada and/or taking a pet overseas from Kolkata?

It seems like there's an added logistical complication of having to verify with separate airlines for the domestic and international legs of the journey (most international carriers do not fly direct out of Kolkata and if they do, won't accept dogs) to ensure they have room for her and whether the selected flight is possible (e.g. if the airline you book with is marketing AND operating a codeshare flight).

Also - I am worried about the temperatures on the ground in India at that time of year and whether an airline will enforce an embargo... I believe typically embargoes may go into place around 85F (~29C).

Any experience travelling with a dog, as checked baggage, during this time of year from India?

Unfortunately with work constraints and my visa expiry... end of April/beginning of May is the soonest I can travel (and hoping to do so prior to my current visa expiring)... but most importantly I don't want to put my dog's health at risk..

As well, I'm seeing here for the first time about an Indian Government Health Certificate? Is this required, and by who? Is it to be able to take dog out of India?
In checking the Canada customs requirements, I believe only vaccination record (including rabies) and veterinary health certificate is required for importation of domestic dog for non-commercial purposes.

Any help or advice greatly appreciated!
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You will find quite a few relevant threads in this sub-forum:

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