Rights of my cats in apartment society

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I need direction pet lovers. We have 2 cats and we live in an apartment society in Bangalore. I let them out in the open in the common area once a week for them to connect with the nature. They enjoy their time, climb trees, eat grass blades and come back after 2 hours.

Recently I got into a tussle with a person. One of the cats went underneath his car and climbed up into the bonnet. He opened the bonnet and it jumped out. He says sometime back a cable was cut and it was because of my cat. I said it must be a rat as cats don't cut cables. It is cat's natural instinct to explore. I am not sure if I can leave out again, but I feel sorry for them confined to home all the time. What must I do?
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As a fellow cat lover, i found this thread to be useful, should matters take an extreme turn - http://www.indiamike.com/india/pets-...-india-t59708/
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If you are Indian or have lived in India long enough then you will know that laws are one thing, enforcing them quite another. Apart from the fact that outdoor cats will probably have a shorter life span on an average, you will have to gauge if the antipathy to your cats is a) widespread in your building and b) strong enough for somebody to actually try to harm them, and then make decisions accordingly. A mix of education on animal rights- with or without the involvement of an outside agency like an NGO or somesuch, diplomacy and assertiveness may help.

It will be easier to deal with just one guy if he is unhappy with the cat, unless he (the guy) is rabid. If your apartment building's Society officially complains about the cat , it will be tougher to let your cats out. In that event, your only recourse, besides relocation or keeping them indoors, is to educate the Society about the law in particular and animals in general. I would also try, in that case, to get support from other animal lovers in the apartment; surely there are some with dogs, at least?
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