Neutering a cat in Bombay

#1 Jan 11th, 2017, 15:23
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There is a stray kitten I provide food to. I also took him for deworming & vaccinations

I asked the vet about neutering and she quoted 3000 Rs.

Are there animal shelters etc where I can get it done cheaper & also they do it well? I am willing to pay but 3000 is more than I can spend now. I already spent 300 for deworming,1200 for the vaccination & a booster is needed next month.

I am in the eastern suburbs.
#2 Jan 11th, 2017, 16:50
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Hmmm... dunno... Would have thought you could get yourself neutered for three thousand rupees!

Seems like a lot to me. Why not call around some vets and see if their prices are in the same (ahem) ballpark. If so, then you will have to accept that it is the rate for the job.

If you know and trust the vet, have a good impression of the surgery, cleanliness, etc etc, then it might be best just to pay up.
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#3 Jan 13th, 2017, 01:06
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On the one hand, hey, it's a very small operation. I watched it done on a cat last year. On the other hand, it looks like general anaesthesia to me, which in humans I consider a major major risk. Like, scary! So I'd ideally like to have my beloved cat done by a vet who cares enough to take the time and pay attention and use the lowest possible dose.

Last year's case was done at home by a vet friend who just brought the medicine and some tools, and I provided the antiseptic and gauze etc. She warned me to keep the cat from getting out for several hours afterwards, as he'd be likely to fall off a terrace or something. But I couldn't seem to keep him contained even when it looked like he could barely walk straight without falling. He kept getting out and going to sit on high edges where my vet friend would find him and chastise me severely. :P

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