Moving a cat from Trivandrum to London

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Here is the story how I moved my cat from Trivandrum to UK, hope this material is useful to pet owners who are in India and want to relocate with their pets
Here are the pics from our trip:

By plane
Trivandrum-Delhi, 4.5 hours
Delhi-Munchen ,8.5 hours
Munchen-Brussels, 1 hour

By train:
Brussels-Hook of Holland(port), 2.5 hours

By ferry:

Hook of Holland to Harwich, 8.5 hours

By train:

Harwich, UK to London Liverpool Street-2.5hours
By underground:

London Liverpool Street to our home-45minutes

In Jan 2015 I was travelling with my cat from Trivandrum to London-we were returning to our house in UK.

It all started when on the 9th of August 2014 I found a small kitten sitting lonely inside the temple in the corner where she was crying and nobody was paying any attention to her. She looked thin and helpless. I asked the brahmin inside the temple to give her some milk but he only waved his hands and said it was not important. I was shocked by his response. I left the temple and went to buy some milk to the nearby shop but there was only frozen milk, so I got chapatti which is a type of Indian bread similar to roti and puri.

I got back to the temple and started feeding that kitten. When I saw how hungrily she was eating I decided that I would take her with me from that temple. At that moment I didn’t think where I would leave her later as I myself was renting a flat in Trivandrum, India and in a few months I was supposed to leave the country and go back to UK. Anyway, I took her in hands and asked that brahmin again whether he was sure that the kitten was homeless. He looked displeased that I was standing with a kitten in the temple and so I left. Since that day I have never been to that temple. The person who can’t feed an animal who is hungry and asks for help will not help a person either. How can one like that serve the God?

We got to the flat safely and I saw that she had a problem with her back leg and was limping. She was very weak and couldn’t stand properly at all. As soon as she got up on her legs she fell down because she was weak due to starvation.

For 24hours she was lying and eating bread and drinking milk. She slept a lot and five days after she started running and jumping on the sofa and everywhere she could get to!

I gave her a name-Parvati or Paru. Here are the pics:

Within two weeks I got attached to her and decided that I couldn’t leave her in India. I started exploring how to transport her with me from India to UK. It turned out to be quite a lengthy process. Moreover, many people who are working for animals are dishonest and only care about profit. More about it below in addition to how you can move your pet by yourself from India to UK for a bit over than 20 000 rupees which is only 200pounds. In my case it came up to 15 800 rupees plus 20euros, which is less than 20 000 rupees but if you have to send her blood test from India to EU lab, you will need to pay not more than 5000rupees more so it would be a bit over 20 000 rupees.

Here is the main website that you need to understand what steps are to be taken:

Here are the steps:

Microchip your pet with a 15-digit ISO compliant microchip (costs around 1500 rupees); document it
Vaccinate him/her against rabies(500rupees);document it
Wait for 30 days and collect a blood sample(500rupees for blood sample collection to be paid to your Indian vet)
Send the blood sample from India to an EU approved lab(the cost would vary but I took the blood sample to UK by myself as I was going there anyway and my friend was looking after my cat in Trivandrum at that time before I collected her in Jan 2015; her blood test was 45 pounds, which is 4 500rupees)
Within a week you will get a result and if it is fine, you can travel with your pet from India to Europe or UK in 90 days after the blood sample was taken.
Let’s say you took the pet’s blood sample on the 10th October,that means that you can travel together with your pet 90 days after 10th October, which is roughly 10th Jan.

So we microchipped, vaccinated my cat in Trivandrum, got the papers from a vet, then waited for 30days and collected her blood sample. Then I took her blood sample to UK and sent it to the UK lab the following day after landing. Within a week we got a result and all we had to do is to wait for 90 days before travelling with her.

Ok, here comes the most important thing that not many people disclose for some reason. You need this ANNEX4 form or THIRD COUNTRY OFFICIAL CERTIFICATE in addition to microchip and vaccination record as well as that official paper from an EU lab. This third country official certificate is exactly the same thing as ANNEX4 but if you call DEFRA and ask them this question as it doesn’t clarify it on their website what form it is and where one can be taken from they will get angry with you and say “please go back to our website”. I did that several times to test how polite their staff was and the result was always the same response and talking to their customers in a raised tone.
On the 29th Dec 2014 there was a new version of this form released due to change of rules in terms of animal transportation and we were lucky to get one very unexpectedly from an US pet shop. If you can’t find a new version from 29th Dec 2014, let me know and I can send you their new copy.

Now the people and agencies we came across in India. Apparently there is one very famous doctor named Dr. Choudhary from Pet Fly(, however, she never responded to my emails properly-by “properly” I mean giving me an appointment to come to her clinic, do the necessary procedures and paying her. So to me she was completely unprofessional.

Her husband did answer his phone but when I asked for a quote on the phone, he asked me to write another email. I wrote them another email. He answered how much they would charge and I said it was fine but I had my own crate already and didn’t need one. Then I asked him what steps we could take to start the process and again he disappeared. I take it he wanted me to buy his crate which was twice more expensive than the usual price of the crate in India.

Conclusion: to me these people were completely useless and unprofessional.

Second company we dealt with were Furry Flyers( from Mumbai who wanted more than 2 lakh(2000 pounds) to transfer my cat to London. For a blood test they wanted around 20 000rupees. So that is 10 times more than the actual price of transportation that I paidJ You judge by yourself what these people are doing. Plus, refer to my procedure above-blood test cost is 500 rupees. At that time I didn’t know that I could do it in Trivandrum itself so Furry Flyers booked accommodation for me for a day in Mumbai so that we could do paperwork(agreements) and a blood test without telling me that I could easily use a vet in Trivandrum for the same procedure. Here you decide yourself whether it was fair of them not to mention it to me or not. I cancelled everything with them and decided that enough of these “helpful agents” and I must do everything by myself but before that there was another “helpful” agency.

Number three and the last one was WorldCare Pet Transport( who wanted 6 000$ for my cat transportation to UK. After I refused to pay them this amount they said that I wouldn’t be able to move my pet by myself. You were wrong, my dears. I did move my pet successfully and this post will help others to do the same, which will leave you with less money and me with more aware pet owners of the things that are happening in PET RELOCATION AGENCIES.

Only this person was very helpful to me:

All in all, you need 1. microchip certificate, 2. vaccination certificate-these two things can be mentioned on one paper even for UK which is generally supposed to be stricter than EU in terms of pets 3. blood test result from EU approved lab 4. third country official certificate signed and stamped by an official vet in India. When you land in EU, they will stamp this third country official certificate and will let you through after reading the microchip on your pet.

Now back to my story…there is a flight from Trivandrum to London but it is impossible to travel with your pet from Trivandrum abroad, so we took a flight from Trivandrum to Delhi with my cat first. For this flight I registered her as cargo because Air India didn’t allow a pet on board from Trivandrum to Delhi either. All you need for cargo department is a certificate of health and fitness to travel as well as rabies vaccination certificate. The cost was 3500rupees.

So when I landed in Delhi I collected my cat in a crate from cargo department-there was sellotape and rope tied around the crate and I thought that maybe the cargo department people decided to use some extra protection but later the same day they called us from Trivandrum and said that when we registered our pet as cargo and left, she managed to open the top lid and came out from her crate!! The cargo people saw it and started catching herJ. Thanks God our cat is friendly and didn’t run away from them, so they caught her and put her back to her crate. So thanks to luck and temple prayers we got our pet safely to Delhi.

Our next flight was in the evening so we went to have some rest in a Delhi hotel.

In the evening we registered with Luthansa airlines to our next flight Delhi to Munich and Munich to Brussels which cost us only 5300rupees for transporting our pet. Luthansa airlines are really good for pets. First, they are an approved route of travelling by DEFRA organization, second, they allow pets ON BOARD so you can fly with your pet together as long as she/he is in a crate. However, you can’t fly with your pet from Delhi to London on board, but you can fly with your pet from Delhi to any European city ON BOARD. Plus, if you fly from Delhi to London with your pet as cargo, you will need an agent in London to pick up your pet, which will cost you around 450-500pounds. By travelling by my route you can travel WITH your pet and it is cheap.

To cut the long story short, we flew from Delhi to Munich with my cat on board, changed the plane in Munich and got to Brussels where they read our chip, stamped and signed our third country official certificate and let us through. We took a train from Brussels airport to Roterdaam Central and then in 2 mins straight to Hook of Holland. From Brussels airport to Hook of Holland it is a bit over 2 hours by train.

From Hook of Holland there is a ferry called STENA LINE which goes to Harwich, UK and Stena Line is also an approved route for pet transportation according to DEFRA. We got on Stena Line and relaxed as it was the final step of our journey. 20 euros only for pet transportation. On the ferry there is a pet section where you can leave your pet with food and water, clean her crate and visit her every now and again during the 8 hours of travelling.

We got to Harwich and were taken to immigration control where they only asked for third country official certificate. Later we got a train to London Liverpool Street and then went by underground to our home.

So we got to UK from Trivandrum safe and sound without any delays and any problems.

Wish you all love and peace and take your pet with you, don’t let him/her behind because pets are like humans feel abandonment and lack of love.

Hope my story was of help to pet owners!
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Thank you for the success story, and for the pictures. It is always good to see a happy cat

Most threads of this kind are questions and requests for help. It might be a good idea to change the thread title, making it clear that this is a How-To-Do-It, not another round of questions.

Perhaps the moderators might also make it sticky?
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Yes, it is always good to see a happy pet and a pet owner
Thank you for you warm words
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Hi , I have a question, do you know if Persian Cat are allowed in airplane cabin, and is it safe to travel for the persian cat? if you know any one who has done it please let me know.

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