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Tammy Winand Jun 23rd, 2017 12:59

Leaving India with cat via Delhi to USA
Moving a domestic shorthair via IGI Delhi to the USA probably in mid October.
She will probably go as cargo but that may change depending on how much money I can raise!
I know a current vet health certificate issued within 10 days of departure is required and will have her vaccinations up to date/ documented.

Can anyone clarify the current exact documents required to move out of India with a cat? Finding a lot of conflicting and therefore frustratingly confusing info online regarding what is called an export certificate (some say required, others say not for cats), import certificate into USA (again some say yes, some say no).

edwardseco Jun 23rd, 2017 14:25

Check out the long threads on pets here. Should be most helpful..

Tammy Winand Jun 23rd, 2017 18:58

found nothing more current than 2011
and nothing listing documents for export of cat

kmalik Jun 24th, 2017 02:15

No restriction to bring cats to the US, as long as its religion does not offend El Presidente.

Check with FRRO to see if No Objection Certificate is required for the cat to leave. The short haired ones might require it :D

Just kidding - why would India care if it a cat is going away or its hair length. It is between you and the airline...

NonIndianResident Jun 24th, 2017 09:29


Originally Posted by kmalik (Post 2044624)
No restriction to bring cats to the US, as long as its religion does not offend El Presidente.

I laughed out loud.

Tammy Winand Jun 25th, 2017 09:56

glad you think it is funny but actually you should educate yourself as I am trying to do regarding legal documentation (and there are at least 2 documents legally required by INDIA not the airline)
I am trying to get the exact current list

Nick-H Jun 25th, 2017 12:18

Well, it *was* funny... But I'm sure genuine help will come.
There are other threads about taking animals in/out of India. Maybe more about dogs, but probably same applies.

There is one vet recommended regularly. Look for posts by member Birds.

Sorry I can't directly help, but hope this may point in useful direction

kmalik Jun 25th, 2017 20:23

No offense. I couldn't resist. I did share the official USA information..

Really surprised that India requires legal documents for this, but perhaps should not be as the bureaucracy in India is over the top.

Have you actually looked at the thread -

BombayCatLady Aug 4th, 2017 03:26

Cat travel outside of India is super simple! Here's all the info you need:
So I just landed in the US with my half-Persian 5 year old car. I am livid at the lack of information on the Indian side. It was as harrowing as everyone else's experience here, trying to just get a list of basic documents required to travel with a pet outside of India. There is no clear answer on the Animal Husbandry website, there are fraudulent 'pet agencies' who show up on Google searches and end up quoting thousands of rupees simply to give you an answer, and now having actually made the journey, the guys at the international airport aren't educated or equipped with abprocedure for animals either.

Let me take you through my process step by step, so anyone contemplating taking a cat abroad will have all the information they need:

1. Yes, as many have said on this thread, the US doesn't require ANY documentation for cats as of 2017. I was directed to a separate customs queue when the luggage helpers realised I was travelling with an animal but the customs officers simply said hello to my cat, played with him and let us pass through. Not even a rabies vaccination check! Nothing.

2. For the Indian side:
I carried my cat in a medium sized soft carrier (brand: Sturdi) on the night of the flight. We booked seats on Air France, one of the nicest airlines for animals, were offered premium economy seats at lower rates so the animal would have more space in the footrest area, which we took and did not regret. We checked in two and a half hours prior to boarding, went through security, where I faced the only imbecilic behaviour I had through the journey. The check in people specifically said the cat won't need to be taken out of the carrier for a check, but at security the officer made us take him out. My cat was already quite nervous and clung to me while the guy scanned the carrier. His colleague, the lady officer said point blank she was scared of cats and wouldn't check. He then asked for the cat's injection proof. On asking which one, I realised the guy didn't know himself what he was supposed to ask for. I showed him my entire file and all he did was take down the rabies batch sticker number. He didn't not look at a single health certificate or other document.

3. For two months before my flight I was fretting too about the lack of info, and that I didn't want to be stranded at an airport with my pet. I looked here, on their sites, called up every 'pet travel agent' google showed up. This agency called Flurry Flyers gave me a quote of 12000/- for 'consultation and preparation for the travel and the government certificate' without which they insisted I would not be allowed to carry my pet abroad. Another 'agent' offered to do it for 7000/-. 'it' is essentially a medical health certificate that we are being wrongly informed has to be issued by the animal husbandry office in our respective cities: this is not true. And not needed at all. Somewhere there is a nexus between agents and these quarantine government officers and they are using the lack of information from the government to fool innocent travelers like us and harass the animals in the days leading upto an already harrowing travel experience.
In the case of Mumbai residents, it's a nightmare considering they ask you to bring your pet to their facility in godforsaken Navi Mumbai, the back of beyond, to get the animal checked. I went all the way with an agent who charged me 6000/-. When we reached, I simply waited in the car park and this 'doctor' came out, scanned his microchip number and went back inside. The agent came back later that evening and handed the certificate to me. I felt so scammed it's not funny.

They all also insisted I get him microchipped which again the US doesn't require! It is an inhuman and painful thing to do to your animal and completely futile since half the airports of the world aren't equipped with scanners. The security guy in india looked puzzled when I said the word 'microchip' asking him how come he wasn't scanning my cat.

From my recent experience here's all I can tell you to carry:
A rabies vaccine certificate (more than one month old, less than a year old)
A feligen/tri-cat vaccine certificate (same as above)
A simple health declaration form your regular vet on their letterhead.

That's it! Even these aren't being asked for by the US. This is for the fools who guard our airports back in India. No need for a microchip or this government NoC/health certicate fraud. Please beware, spread awareness about it, and if possible, someone please write to Maneka Gandhi about it!

Good luck and smooth travels to anyone doing this soon.

ViShVa Aug 4th, 2017 03:32

Welcome to IndiaMike, BombayCatLady, and thank you for the excellent feedback.

(A lot of our esteemed members live in "godforsaken Navi Mumbai, the back of beyond", and they love it there and are equally loved back).

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