Flying within India with a dog

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There are only three airlines that allow to fly with pets:

Air India
Spice Jet
Jet Airways

In all cases you will have to talk with the cargo manager to make arrangements.

In my experience Air India is by far the most efficient and cheapest. Jet Airways is efficient but more costly.

Air India allow several dogs per passenger/per plane. I have never been able to get an answer on what the maximum is but 7 dogs has been no problem.

The cost are about INR 4,000 per 25kg dog, depending on the sector.

The contact numbers of the cargo managers can be found here:

Spice Jet allows 1 dog per passenger with a maximum of 2 passengers flying with dogs so only 2 dogs per plane.

They charge a basic freight cost of INR 1200 plus INR 54 per kilo.

The telephone numbers of their various cargo departments can be found here:

Jet Airways allows 4 puppies or 2 middle sized dogs or 1 big size per plane. There are various handling charges and taxes but a 25 kg dog including cage comes to about INR 7,200 although price can vary per sector.

Here you can find the cargo telephone numbers for the various cities:

Keep in mind that you can not just turn up on the airport with your dog. You will have to inform the cargo manager a few days in advance to make sure that they are using a plane that can have sufficient oxygen in the cargo area so the dogs will not suffocate.

All airlines have a list of breeds they will not allow. The general rule is that anything with a short nose (boxers, pugs, etc.) or compact respiratory system is not allowed.

Jet Airways has a very comprehensive description on what is and is not allowed on:

The directive is more or less similar for Air India and Spice Jet.
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Carrying pets means a lot of hazzles involved, this is my experience with my pet dog, especially in case of flights. I rarely travel with him as the aggression and size will be overwhelming for others. Airlines like Jet lite also allows pet animals. I've seen this article which is about travelling with pets in India which I concur is true. Risks are surely involved. One of my friend had a 500kms journey in his scorpio with his dog. The dog for unknown reason become sick and was luckily saved.
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Originally Posted by birds View Post ...

Jet Airways has a very comprehensive description on what is and is not allowed on:
Links currently not working...

In stead please visit this link for Jet Airways. Please note, pet can be transported either as 'Accompanied (part of checked baggage)' or 'Unaccompanied' (shipped via Cargo).

For Air India, please click here. Please note, maximum of 2 pets are permitted per flight and passenger accompanying such pet will be seated in the last row of booked cabin class.

For SpiceJet please visit here
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Don't fly with dogs within India

Had a horrible experience with Air India. Don't fly, just take a taxi. Buses or trains don't allow pets onboard.
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Originally Posted by rkpavan007 View Post Buses or trains don't allow pets onboard.
Trains allow pets onboard. See
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I Travelled with my 3-month old dog in the Cabin of Air India Flights Recently

Hi, we took our flights on Nov 12 and 20 along with our pet, Katie to and from Delhi-Guwahati. Katie is a 3-month English Cocker Spaniel. We had a great experience with Air India. Based on experiences we have come up with a post in our blog titled 'Flying With Your Pet In Cabin in India? Here’s all you need to know.'

Will appreciate if Admin can share the link here for future pet owners who want to take their pets along while flying to read.
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Hi Deepa Baruah, and welcome to IndiaMike

Thanks a lot for sharing your experience. It will certainly help many people looking for current info.

Your follow up post, "Thinking of a Vacation with your Pet? Here’s the Cost of Carrying a Pet in a Domestic Flight in India" (1st December, 2016) will also be useful, so thanks again.

Oh, and an excellent blog!

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